About the client

They are a company that has established an enviable reputation for the supply of tiles, mosaics, stone, and wood for over 52 years. 

The company stocks over 100,000 sq. metres of tiles and mosaics and given the quality and nature of the materials being shipped daily, the strength holding force and efficiency of the stretch wrap is of high priority to their business operations.

"We are so impressed with the holding force which the Swiftpak MWrap provides."


The strength was sufficient, but having enough wrap was a concern.

Trials were conducted on a Paktool 20000AE machine. The warehouse packing operatives specified to run at 5 wraps at the bottom and 5 wraps at the top of a standard pallet using their original 23mu film. A pallet was wrapped with this setting and they agreed that the strength of wrap was sufficient.  They stated having enough wrap on the pallet is always a concern as the pallets are very heavy.

The holding force achieved was 13.1kgs and the weight of film used was 453 grams. 

Swiftpak impressed with a successful MWrap trial 

The first test was run using the MWrap film at the same settings as the original test above, the test showed a far higher holding force using less film.  The holding force was 18kgs and the weight of film used 247 grams.

Swiftpak then ran a second trial but reduced the wraps.  The holding force dropped slightly but was still well above the original wrap and it used even less film at 211 grams.

The operators commented on just how powerful the new wrap was and were impressed with the force with which it springs back when the film was cut.

The results not only reduced costs but also packaging waste!

Leaving those settings and using the MWrap film, savings were achieved of over 25% on the current wrap cost. Additionally, the amount of packaging waste generated was reduced significantly by 2.87 tonnes per year.

The operatives were really pleased with the high clarity of the film which makes the scanning of bar codes through the film a possibility.


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