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This company is the largest producer of direct mail in the UK, manufacturing over 600 million direct mail packs, one billion door-drops , and three billion inserts per annum. 

Their level of output commands stringent practices around efficiency and quality. 

"The service we received from Swiftpak was excellent."

Spokesperson, Direct Mail Company

The company was originally using a Robopac Rotoplat 507 machine for wrapping pallets of paper product

The company was using a Robopac Rotoplat 507 machine with a 21mu power stretch film for wrapping pallets of paper product.

The machine was programmed to wrap with three bottom wraps, spiral up with a minimal overlap, three top wraps and spiral down to one final bottom wrap. The pallet they were using to trial was 1000mm high and at this height a total of 13 wraps were needed on the pallet.

The wrapped pallet without adjusting any settings obtained a wrap weight of 530grams with a holding force of 11kgs.

Their film would be able to wrap 27 pallets using one roll.

The MWrap Trial commenced

Without adjusting any settings, Swiftpak trialled its MWrap film.

The first result was a wrap weight of 294 grams and a holding force of 10kg. With these settings 54 pallets would be able to get wrapped with one roll.

Knowing there was plenty of capacity left in the film, Swiftpak increased the tension on the machine which returned a wrap weight of 139 grams and the holding force was unchanged at 10kgs and a capacity to wrap 115 pallets from one roll.

A further increase of tension on the machine and achieved a wrap weight of 122 grams but the holding force went up to 15kgs with an increased capacity to wrap 120 pallets with a roll.

MWrap Example

The final result of tension resulted in a cost saving of over 57%!

The new MWrap film gave an immediate saving in wrap cost of 6.5% but with the high strength of the film this saving can be significantly enhanced by increasing the tension.  

The final result with the right tension set on the machine resulted in a cost saving of over 57% compared to the current film. It also included a waste saving of 75% equating to 13 tonnes of film.

This is a significant saving in packaging waste and amounted to around £700 in waste tokens. 

Furthermore, with a holding force of 15kgs it would be possible to reduce the number of wraps without affecting the pallet integrity.

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