About the client

In operation for over 28 years, this company operates a first class fulfilment, storage and logistic supply solution to some of the UK's top publishing houses.

Comprising of over 100 workstation and handling in excess of 350,000 magazines a day, efficiency and quality are of top priority to their operation and pay a large part in enabling them to continue to provide the high level of service they pride themselves in.

"Swiftpak's MWrap solution resulted in significant saving money- and timewise."

Spokesperson, Logistics Company

The company's current stretch wrap machines were too slow.

The customer had 4 core break machines and was using pre-stretched 7mu film. 

The pallets wrapped were mostly light weight, consisting of free toys that went with magazines. They already significantly improved the cost per wrap by moving over to pre-stretched film. While they did not have any issues with pallet stability, the current machines were quite slow, so the main benefits were going to be a quicker wrap and reducing wrap cost further.

It was estimated that approx. 1000 pallets were sent out every week. The machine was set to wrap with three bottom wraps, three top wraps and did a total of 10 spiral wraps with a minimal overlap.

Swiftpak tested their film twice and got similar results. The film achieved a holding force of 8kgs and the wrap weighed 211 grams, with the wrap cycle time being 9 secs per wrap.

The Mwrap trial commenced

Using the same settings as above, Swiftpak trialled MWrap.

Through the increased strength of the MWrap film, it was possible to reduce the amount of wraps significantly while still remaining the same holding force.

With MWrap the load holding force was 8.3kgs and the wrap weighed 203grams. It might seem that 8 grams isn't much but 8 grams on 1000 pallets each weeks is a large saving not only in costs but also in plastic. However, the biggest saving was found in efficiency where the wrap cycle time was reduced by 36 seconds!

Mwrap example

The results were revealed...

By using MWrap and reducing the number of wraps the wrap cycle time was reduced by over half a minute, the wrap cost was also reduced by 3.8%. Based on their estimated annual usage this would equate to a saving of £1122, and a saving in plastic weight of almost 900kgs.

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