About the Client

Parrotprint.com was started by a group of photographers who had a deep technical understanding of images, an eye for the arts, and knew what it took to produce beautiful photographic prints on canvas. They genuinely care about ensuring prints look good and are passionate about photography, printing, and artwork display.

“Swiftpak has provided a great service allowing for personalisation high quality packaging. They solved packaging problems from when we first started working with them in 2016.”


Slow delivery and waiting for packaging from previous suppliers became a headache

Although their previous supplier did personalise the packaging, the delivery time was 3-5 days. This was a problem because the key to Parrotprint.com’s day-to-day operations is next day delivery. This made their delivery aims increasingly difficult.

How did Swiftpak help?

Swiftpak offer customers the option of next day delivery if ordered before 3pm which was a big tick for Parrotprint.com, and they said this was the reason they felt Swiftpak was a better fit for them over other competitors.

At Swiftpak we believe in packaging with a personal touch. That is why every customer will get their own dedicated account manager. Swiftpak provided Parrotprint.com with easy communications and speedy responses to emails and phone calls to ensure that their packaging needs were met. Parrotprint.com found their account manager, David Nelson, effective in dealing with all of their requests.

Swiftpak provided Parrotprint.com with cardboard of multiple sizes, different taping solutions, bubble wrap and stretch wrap so that they could package their canvases safely and securely.

Parrotprint.com product usage grew hugely from the start of lockdown in 2020. The usage of cartons more than trebled from March 2020 to May 2020. This took them by surprise and so Swiftpak had to take steps. By accelerating carton delivery, Swiftpak were able to provide Parrotprint.com exactly what was required to meet this increase in demand. The carton usage eased up for a while before increasing again hugely so by November/December their usage was 4 times more than in November/December 2019.

Swiftpak reacted to the client’s increased growth by stocking more cartons and made sure to have a stable supply ensuring Parrotprint.com had the products they needed to support their growth.


With Swiftpak’s help the company’s productivity was dramatically improved

All of the client’s boxes are now custom to the size preferences of their prints, allowing for efficient packaging of products and resulting in faster shipping times. This helped them maximise productivity.

Additionally, when Parrotprint.com ran out of cardboard at Christmas, they were able to get next day delivery thanks to Swiftpak’s fast turn-around. This was crucial as it meant they were able to live up to next day delivery to their customers during the busiest time of the year.

Swiftpak and parrotprint.com share similar values where both companies provide exemplar customer service and satisfaction. This makes a perfect base for a successful long-term partnership.


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