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5 Top Bespoke Packaging Tips

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Bespoke packaging has risen in popularity within recent years. In fact, surveys have revealed that 72% of customers are influenced by packaging design. This is because in the market today, bespoke packaging serves as the first physical connection between a consumer and a brand, meaning that it has the power to influence whether a customer purchases from that company again.

The power of bespoke packaging has been about for centuries. Did you know it can be traced back to ancient times where products were packaged and transported using materials including animal skins, woven baskets, and wooden crates! However, it was not until the 18th-19th Century where the modern era of bespoke packaging truly began. For example, the 1800’s brought advances in printing technology that allowed for the creation of more sophisticated and visually appealing designs that led to branded packaging to create a strong brand identity. Following this, the early 1900’s saw new packaging materials emerging such as cardboard and plastic, which of course further expanded the possibilities for bespoke packaging.

Today, bespoke packaging is ever evolving to be in line with changing consumer preferences, sustainability concerns, and exciting modern technology innovations. Now that you know the history, we will dive into 5 Top Bespoke Packaging Tips so your business can really ‘wow’ customers.

Tip 1: Make sure your bespoke packaging design reflects your target audience

When creating a bespoke packaging design, it’s crucial to take time to understand the target audience and what kind of packaging appeals to them. This will include defining demographic information such as their age, gender, income as well as their lifestyles, values, and interests.

It is a good idea to start by conducting market research, whether that be through surveys or online research, to discover valuable insights into the preferences and needs of the target audience you are trying to appeal to. After doing this, it will be easier to create a design brief that outlines the goals, objectives, and requirements of the bespoke packaging.

The packaging of a product can say a lot about your brand. So, from the colours chosen, to the font and packaging materials used, the bespoke packaging needs to reflect the target audience and showcase what your brand is all about.

Tip 2: Consider the size and weight of your bespoke packaging

Optimal package size is crucial as customers don't want packaging that is either too large or too small for their product, and excessive packaging waste is undesirable. The size and weight of customized packaging should be carefully considered for several reasons, which include:

  • Shipping costs: the size and weight of the bespoke packaging can have a significant impact on shipping costs. The reason for this is that larger and heavier packages require more resources to ship and may result in higher fees that could not meet profit margins.
  • Storage space: the packaging size can also impact any storage requirements in place. For example, if the package is large or bulky, it could be difficult to store in warehouses.
  • Environmental Impact: It is no secret that many consumers care deeply about their environmental impact as well as the impact of any packaging they use. Larger packaging can have a higher impact on the environment due to the amount of resources used. This can negatively affect a business’s sustainability goals and reputation.
  • Product protection: the size and weight of a product can negatively affect the level of protection it is able to provide to a product. If the packaging is too small or lightweight, then it may not provide the protection needed to avoid damages and spoilage.
  • Customer experience: packages that are large and heavy will be more difficult to handle and transport, and this will only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction for customers.

While the appearance of customised packaging is important, it is equally essential to ensure that the packaging is functional, particularly with regards to its size and weight, to guarantee that the product is delivered in the optimal condition.

Tip 3: Bespoke packaging should be visually appealing and influence brand identity

When designing bespoke packaging, you want to ensure that not only is it visually appealing to create an excellent first impression and to stand out from competitors, but also that it aligns with your brand identity and showcases what your business is all about.

Using colours and typography that match your brand will help to promote brand recognition and so it will be clear to anyone where the packaging came from. Just look at ‘Apple’ products or ‘Coca-Cola’s branding for inspiration, they stand out and are so recognisable to consumers.  

After all, an attractive bespoke packaging design that is eye-catching will be more memorable to customers and influence them to come back for more in the future!

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Tip 4: Embrace high-quality sustainable materials within your bespoke packaging design

Within a recent Global Buying Green Report, results showed that 67% of consumers said it was important that products they purchased were in packaging using recyclable material. The study also found that 54% of consumers considered whether packaging was sustainable before making their purchases, and younger consumers in particular are driving this trend. In fact, 83% of ages 44 and under claimed they were willing to pay more for products that were sustainably packaged!

This just goes to show how important it is to consider sustainability when you are designing your bespoke packaging. Choosing high-quality sustainable packaging materials and reducing the amount of waste that your packaging will produce will help your brand to stand out against competitors. Another benefit of choosing sustainable materials is that it will show that your brand is environmentally responsible which will improve your brand image in the eyes of the consumer.

Tip 5: Remember to test your bespoke packaging

Our last tip is to evaluate your bespoke packaging to ensure that it will protect the product during shipment and storage. It is good practice to test the packaging with your target audience too and gain feedback from customers so that you can make any necessary adjustments to meet their packaging needs and expectations.

This will help to ensure that the bespoke packaging is easy to open and functional, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Bespoke packaging from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we can make your bespoke packaging stand out with our design expertise and high-quality packaging materials. Not only can we have your packaging designed for you, but we can also have it laboratory tested (ISTA certified) to ensure that your bespoke packaging goals are succeeded.

To find out more, please do contact our friendly packaging team today who will be more than happy to help.

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