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5 top tips to consider when choosing packaging machinery

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There is no denying that buying packaging machinery can be a big investment for your business. But it can be an investment worthwhile if you have done all the research needed. Not only are they cost-effective and strain-free, but they can also make your packaging operations a lot faster.

Are you debating on whether to add a machine to your packaging operations but not sure where to start? In this article, we will explore the 5 top tips to consider when choosing your packaging machinery to take your business to the next level.

1. The speed of the packaging machinery

When choosing the right packaging machinery for your business, you should start off by asking yourself how many products you intend to put out each day and how fast you need it to be as this will help decide which machine is best for you.

Packaging machinery allows you to package more products per hour than physical labour, and much more efficiently too. If getting a product quickly to market is an important aspect of your business, by investing in packaging machinery you will be making your life a lot easier. 

When pallet wrapping it is recommended to use semi-automatic or automatic machines as it will make the process less time consuming while also saving film being wasted from excess or insufficient wrapping. The difference between using machine wrap and hand wrap can be seen in this video.

2. Is the packaging machinery environmentally friendly?

As you are likely aware, companies now are doing everything they can to reduce their packaging waste, for both financial and environmental reasons. Before choosing a machine, it is important to research the impact they could have on the environment.

But how can you make sure you make an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to packaging machinery?

  • Ensure the machinery cuts the exact amount of tape or film as this reduces the amount of waste produced.
  • Consider whether through a machine you could use a different, more environmental-friendly material such as replacing foam chips with paper void fill
  • Older machinery tends to have a heavier drain on energy usage, so when choosing a machine, it would be good to keep this in mind. Basically, the newer the better.
  • Measuring devices can be used to see how much energy, water and gas your machine would be using.

Swiftpak void fill machines

At Swiftpak, we recommend using paper voidfill machines as they help to protect your goods from damage and in an environmentally friendly way. We stock five different types of void fill machines which are:

  • Paperplus Papillon: provides optimal protection for small and medium-sized shipping goods. This machine rental is free subject to a minimum order of 10 boxes of fanfold paper per month.
  • Paperplus Track: ensures ultra-high speed for the ideal protective packaging. Designed for applications in which high throughput and secure packaging material are a must, the continuous paper can be replaced in just a few steps guaranteeing seamless, fast production processes.
  • Papertech Chevron: allows maximum fill with less material and best for light to medium weight shipping goods.
  • Paperplus Classic: similar to the other options above, but more ideal for heavy weight products.
  • Paperplus Shooter: providing multi-layer cushioning at maximum speeds, this machine is the fastest and most economical of void-filling.

If you are unsure which paper void fill solution is best suited for your packaging operation, please do not hesitate to contact us!

3. The packaging machine costs

Buying new machinery is a big investment for many companies, so it is crucial you make sure it is affordable before you make such investment. This includes considering the costs of operation and maintenance as well.

While some machines have a bigger price tag up front, they may have better efficiencies and a more expensive machine could increase your businesses profitability dramatically. This is why you should make sure that you consider all your affordable options. 

It is recommended to have machinery analysis where a rep visits and runs an analysis of your current packaging line. This allows you and your rep to find ways to improve on your current processes before upgrading to new machinery and helps to ensure you are spending money on the right machine for your business operations.

4. Staff training on packaging machinery

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, employee training on these operations becomes a key factor for organization success. All packaging machinery requires a certain amount of staff training and the type of machine you select will impact the amount of training, education, and employee hours needed to operate the machine.

It is crucial to make sure your staff know how to use the new machinery for a number of reasons. The most important being for health and safety to reduce risk of any injuries. Effective training is also essential for effective machine maintenance as your employees would be trained to prevent malfunctions before they happen, or at least be able to recognise if something is not working the way it should.

Staff training allows for these simple machine checks to be made, which ultimately save your business on costs as it prevents the occurrence of hundreds of hours and pounds being spent on repairs on the expensive machines.

5. Choose a packaging machinery supplier that is close by

Lastly, if you choose a packaging machinery supplier that is close by you will be saving yourself on a lot of unnecessary hassle. Having a supplier who is close will mean when there is a need for repairs or emergency service for your equipment, the technicians be able to get to you faster to solve the issue.

Having a supplier that is close will also mean that when it comes to materials you won’t have to worry about the location as most supplies will be able to be shipped within good time.

Packaging machinery from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we have a large range of cost-effective packaging machines to help increase productivity and packing quality in your warehouse. These include machines for pallet wrapping, strapping, taping, airbag, void fill and shredders. If you are unsure on which packaging machine to choose, contact us today to speak to one of our packaging experts who will love to help you.


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