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5 Ways to Create Luxury Packaging Design

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Luxury packaging allows brands to demonstrate their prestige whilst also serving as a competitive advantage. Each element of a premium packaging tells a story, so it’s important to make sure you are telling the story that best aligns with your brand.

Presentational packaging does not need to be extremely eye catching or covered in bright colours. Instead, a high-end luxury packaging design should be subtle and elegant, reinforcing exclusivity.

Within this article, we will explore the 5 ways you can create luxury packaging designed for success!


1. Choose a colour that resonates with your brand for your luxury packaging

When it comes to designing your luxurious packaging, it’s good practice to choose a colour that reflects your brand and what it stands for. For example, colours such as blue, green, pink, or yellow can be used to invoke positive emotions from a customer with your brand. Purple is also a great choice to evoke a feeling of mystery and glamour.

According to an Infographic online marketing expert, “85% of shoppers say that colour is the primary reason for buying a product. More than 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by visual factors.” This shows how important a colour scheme is in regard to premium packaging designs.

Colours are a powerful communication tool, all of which have different connotations, for example:

  • Red: Power, Passion, Excitement, Love
  • Pink: Soft, Reserved, Earthy
  • Purple: Mysterious, Noble, Glamorous
  • Blue: Wisdom, Hope, Peace, Trust
  • Green: Nature, Growth, Soothing
  • Yellow: Hope, Optimism, Happiness
  • Orange: Warmth, Excitement, Joy
  • Black: Noble, Elegance, Sophistication
  • White: Clean, Pure, Perfection

As you can see from the psychology of colours above, any can be used for luxury packaging as long as it conveys what your brand is about. It’s good practice to use the same colours you do for your branding for your presentation packaging as well, so that they go hand-in-hand.

2. Making your luxury packaging look exclusive

One of the biggest differences between standard packaging and luxury packaging is how much the customer interacts with the packaging. High-end products should be taking consumers on a journey of discovery and should feel exclusive. For example, this can be done using tissue papers, box toppers, ribbon closures, a special written message, or padded inserts.

No matter what you choose, the goal should be to create suspense! Customers want to feel giddy with anticipation when they look at a product’s packaging, like you would when you are about to open a Christmas present.

3. Create a journey for the senses with your luxury packaging

Premium packaging should not just look luxury, but it should feel luxurious as well. Through engaging with senses, a direct emotional connection can be formed with your audience. So, when designing your luxury packaging, think about how you can create a sensuous journey through touch, sight, smell, hearing, or even taste if possible (like taking inspiration from edible packaging examples that have been created previously!)  

A technique growing in popularity is giving packaging a scent, inspired by high-end fragrance brands. This is because it’s a handy way to add an extra touch to the luxury packaging to further excite and stimulate customers.

luxury packaging

4. Create luxury packaging in-line with sustainability values

Where possible, try to choose sustainable packaging materials for your luxury packaging that can be recycled. As you’ll know, customers today are always looking for environmentally friendly alternatives! So, we recommend using materials such as paper, corrugated boxes, or folding cartons (affordable, easily stored, and eco-friendly). Next to this, it’s also important to look into the values of your packaging suppliers – Do they align with your values? Sustainability isn’t anymore just buying the right material but about evaluating the whole supply chain.

5. Ensure your luxury packaging is practical

A lot of time and money can be spent designing an amazing premium package, but if it does not survive transportation, then all the hard work will be for nothing. This is why you should always consider environmental stressors such as humidity, rain, and any other situations that can arise during delivery. Moisture such as these can cause card to bend, satin to moulder, and can lead to your luxury packaging to look a bit worse for wear once it reaches the consumer – hardly a luxury packaging experience!

Choosing sturdy materials that offer the right amount of protection for your premium products is crucial for success. Designer brands often ship their luxury products in smaller batches to allow for more space and control over the packages, so if you don’t mind the extra cost then this could also be an option.

Creating luxury packaging with Swiftpak

When creating luxury packaging, it’s crucial that you collaborate with packaging experts that can help guide you through every step of the process. At Swiftpak, we can give your product the attention it deserves. From memorable design, through to prototype and quality sample, our packaging experts will ensure that your brief turns into a distinguished reality.

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