Packaging Trends

Biggest focus in Ecommerce

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Each year, new trends and focuses emerge in the ecommerce world, seamlessly evolving the market place to cater for behavioural changes. To survive this fierce battle, you cannot afford to repeat the same things you did last year and expect them to work.

This was again shown throughout the few months during lockdown where the UK market grew online by a staggering 57%. Let’s take a look at the 3 top trends in eCommerce.

Improving Customer Experience

We recently did some research and found that the majority of people thought that the biggest focus in ecommerce was to improve the customers experience. This would include but not be limited to easy payment systems, logistics, customer supports e.g. live chats not just bots, and marketing. Here at Swiftpak, we recognise that it’s not only an interactive website which is key for customers, but also the overall look of the packaging. Seeing as this is the first impression a customer will have, it is imperative it is perceived in the right manner. With the world in a spin of worry about the environment we would recommend to ditch the protective plastic, a great alternative for this is our paper bubble wrap, this not only looks great but also shows you care about the environment.

Prevention of Product Damage

The next biggest trend we saw was prevention of product damage, now this is an unfortunate but inevitable part of business. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent shipping damage so you can lower your costs and improve your brand image. The most common cause of shipping damages is too much empty space in the package and not enough cushioning material, as well as improper handling. We would suggest  our paper voidfill for prevention of this issue, you can see more here. Not sure what protective packaging suits best for your product? Contact our packaging experts to help you find the right packaging solution for your business.

Optimising full Packaging at Lowest Cost

We also found that 30% of businesses thought that optimising full packaging at lowest cost possible was important. By optimising your packaging operation, you could lower your shipping costs, make more efficient use of the space in distribution centres and importantly reduce your carbon footprint. So, the big question is: is your packaging efficiently designed? Efficient design means your packaging is durable, cost effective, easy to handle, and compliant with regulations. Let us help you discover the areas of improvement, get in touch today for a free packaging audit to uncover any gaps.

In Conclusion 

With the advancement in technology and changes in consumer behaviour, there is a massive need to keep an eye out in order to be on top of the game. Whichever ecommerce trend you decide to adopt, do it with the aim of improving the experience for your customers, and building a long-lasting relationship with them.