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5 reasons your business needs bespoke packaging in 2021

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Bespoke packaging is not just about slapping a logo on a box to make it look pretty. It’s about offering maximum protection, usefulness, and compliance, whilst saving materials and reducing costs too. In fact, even shipping conditions, storage requirements, and wider business objectives must be considered - Sounds a little complicated, right?

As one of the leading bespoke packaging suppliers in the UK, we understand the importance of proper protective solutions, and the benefits they bring to organisations – the bottom line is, the additional efforts bespoke packaging takes is more than worth it from a business point of view. Here are five reasons your business needs bespoke packaging in 2021.

1. Maximise shipping volumes

Often overlooked, shipping volumes play a huge part in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of business operations. Excess, and unnecessary space between products during shipment can mean fewer deliveries per vehicle and more trips needed. Not only does this affect your business with wasted costs and inefficiencies, but produces greater levels of CO2 which contributes to global warming.

By optimising your solution with bespoke packaging, space between your products and each package during shipment can be reduced drastically, as well as the overall size of each package. After all, a good bespoke packaging solution will be designed around the product(s) in question.

2. Reduce damaged returns

The number one reason for packaging in the first place, is to protect the product inside and ensure it reaches the correct destination – it’s that simple. But a bespoke packaging does this with a lot more success.

Often, products can be unique in shape and size, and posses a range of requirements it must meet during shipment. For example, pharmaceutical products or food delivery services may need temperature controlled packaging to ensure contents stays below 8˚C for chilled products, and below -18 ˚C for frozen products.

For these, and other similar circumstances, standard packaging products just may not cut it – that’s why bespoke packaging is always recommended. With both careful analysis and design throughout the package, bespoke packaging will give your business the best chance at minimising damaged returns.

3. Optimise for green packaging

Everyone is aware by now that green products are booming. In 2021, consumers are looking for ways to reduce the usage of harmful materials on the environment. Meaning, with just a simple swap for greener packaging alternatives, it’s easy to gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Traditional packaging products are manufactured using energy that usually comes from fossil fuels, which contributes high volumes of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. However, with the use of biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials, this doesn’t have to be the case – and what a better way to introduce such materials than with bespoke packaging.

In short, bespoke packaging gives your business the perfect opportunity to maximise its eco-friendliness.

bespoke packaging

4. Reinforce your brand identity

Bespoke packaging wouldn’t be bespoke packaging without using brand colours, logos, and messages. Think about it, you only get one chance to give off a good first impression. Using packaging that reflects your brand’s identity shows you go the extra mile, it shows you care about your product, and your customer’s experience.

All in all, bespoke packaging designed around your brand can help retain customers and reinforce your brand identity. That, in itself, is enough to warrant a bespoke packaging solution for your business.

5. Improve productivity

Productivity throughout your entire operation is key when looking to develop as a business. It enables you to get deliveries out of the door quicker, keep customers happy, and enables your employees to focus on what needs to get done.

With bespoke packaging, you can introduce features such as self-seal closures and tie in with automated machinery for faster assembly. This helps speed up the packing process and increases productivity throughout your operation.

Bespoke packaging from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we have over 40 years’ experience providing bespoke packaging solutions for our clients across the UK. With our combination of industry experts and in-house packaging design team, we have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to take your packaging to the next level. If you’d like to discuss how Swiftpak could assist with your bespoke packaging needs, speak to one of our experts today – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have.