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Looking for 3M Freeze Watch Alternatives? Swiftpak Has You Covered

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In the fast-paced world of temperature-sensitive shipping and storage, every degree matters. Whether you're in the pharmaceutical industry, food distribution, or any business that relies on maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods, having reliable solutions at your disposal is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity.

For businesses who have assigned their products to the care of 3M Freeze Watch in the past, you might already be aware that Freeze Watch is in the process of being discontinued. But no need to worry, here at Swiftpak, we have an alternative that will ensure the safe and efficient shipment of your products.

Introducing FreezeSafe

Looking for the answer to your Freeze Watch worries? Say hello to FreezeSafe.

At Swiftpak, we recognise the critical nature of temperature-sensitive shipping and storage. Pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, and other temperature-sensitive products require precision, leaving no margin for error.

FreezeSafe isn't just here to just fill a void, but to redefine what you can expect from a temperature-sensitive solution.

Why FreezeSafe is the ultimate temperature monitoring solution

FreezeSafe is a descending, single-use temperature indicator that provides accurate, irreversible evidence when a product experiences unacceptably low temperatures.

The key benefits and features of FreezeSafe include:

  • Real-time monitoring: FreezeSafe comes equipped with cutting-edge real-time temperature monitoring. You can track the status of your shipments or storage 24/7 through a user-friendly interface. This ensures you're always in the loop, even when you're miles away from your goods.
  • Accurate and key thresholds: FreezeSafe offers a range of temperature options, including -3°C (27°F), 0°C (32°F), 2°C (36°F), and 5°C (41°F). This versatility allows you to select the precise temperature range that best suits your specific requirements. Whether you're dealing with frozen goods or products that require a controlled cool environment, FreezeSafe has you covered with its accurate temperature thresholds.
  • Traceability: Each FreezeSafe unit is serialised, providing you with a powerful tool for precise traceability. This means you can effortlessly track and monitor the temperature history of each unit and the products it safeguards. The ability to trace accurately and efficiently is invaluable, particularly in industries where compliance and accountability are paramount.
  • Easy to read: FreezeSafe simplifies temperature monitoring with a distinct colour-change feature. When low temperatures are detected, the indicator changes from white to magenta. This clear and unmistakable signal ensures that even a quick glance at your cargo or storage conditions will reveal whether the temperature is within the desired range. The colour change mechanism makes it easy to spot issues, allowing for swift corrective actions to maintain the integrity of your goods.
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Deter, detect & diagnose with temperature monitoring from Swiftpak

When it comes to temperature-sensitive shipping and storage, the ability to deter, detect, and diagnose issues can make all the difference. Here at Swiftpak, we recognise that each step of this journey is critical, and we're here to support you with our comprehensive range of temperature monitoring solutions. Whether it's pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, or any other temperature-sensitive goods, our solutions ensure their safety and quality from packing to delivery.

For more information on our temperature monitoring range, contact our team at Swiftpak today. We are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.