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Damaged shipments: The effects on your business & how bespoke packaging prevents it

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Damaged shipments are an unfortunate but inevitable cost in business when delivering products. From improper courier handling, through to water exposure, and even theft, there are many possibilities that can impair an order.

Whilst in transit, you have no control over this – but what you can do is set your delivery up for success with packaging.

In this article, we explore ways damaged shipments can cause problems for your business, and how bespoke packaging can be used to prevent it.

Ways damaged shipments impact business

1. Reputation

The reputation of your business is undoubtedly a main driver in its growth and financial performance. With a combination of technology and the power of social media today, bad experiences can quickly be shared online for the world to see. Poor reviews are a huge turn off for a potential customer.

Consumers have high expectations on product delivery, and damage is something that isn’t tolerated. In fact, the statistics speak for themselves.

A Voxware study found that 30 percent of consumers are less likely to purchase from a business who has failed to deliver an item on-time, which includes delays due to damage.

On top of this, 57 percent of consumers would avoid using a business again if they had a negative delivery experience – and in what situation is damage a positive experience? Never.

2. The cost of replacements

Products that become damaged in transit need to be replaced. But the financial impact goes beyond the direct costs of a replacement. The broader picture includes logistics costs of another delivery. Then there’s the operational costs of lost time in the production line. Think about the time it takes to communicate with your customer and arrange a replacement as well. On top of that, time and money has been spent by your marketing and sales department occurred to get this customer converted and those costs would be lost if you loose the customer again.

In short, there’s a lot of costs involved, which could otherwise be avoided with a stronger packaging solution.

3. Sustainability

In business, it’s not all about the money. Responsible businesses consider the environment costs connected with damaged shipments, and it actually pays to do so. Nearly 1 in 3 consumers in 2021 claimed that they have stopped purchasing certain brands or products because they had concerns related to sustainability.

Replacing a damaged shipment incurs a huge sustainability cost. Not only is the manufacturing process duplicated, but additional transit miles must be made.

How bespoke packaging can prevent such damage

1. Fill empty space in the package

A strong, sturdy packaging box is all well and good, but if your product is rattling about inside, damage is still likely to be done.

We all know how bad the UK roads can be, and when a lorry hits a bump, your package does too. So, by creating a snug fit for your product, you minimise the movement inside the package for a simple but effective way to prevent damage.

This can be achieved through the use of void fill or a bespoke packaging insert. Void fill allows you to stuff the package and replace the vacant space, whilst a bespoke insert can be designed to fit your product perfectly for no excess space to begin with.

Either way, you’ll want to minimise as much space in the package as possible, without overusing materials – and bespoke solutions are designed to do just that.

2. Apply tamper-evident packaging solutions

While theft and tampering isn’t technically ‘damage’, it still results in high replacements costs for your business. Depending on when a package is stolen or tampered with, your business will likely be liable and forced take to the hit. Both from a reputation and cost point of view.

The good news is, there are ways to deter criminal activity, and clever ways at that.

You can introduce simple ‘void’ labels that leave a mark behind on the box when opened. But taking it to the next level with a bespoke tamper-evident box is even better.

Perfect for important medical supplies, or even highly valuable electronics, a tamper-evident box can be designed to encase your item and provide a secure closure that cannot be opened unless damaged. That way, not only will you deter unauthorised access, but have physical evidence of tampering.

3. Use impact, shock, or tilt indicators with bespoke packaging

Rough handling during the delivery process can cause many headaches for both your business and customers. Especially if the item you’re shipping is fragile, it needs to be handled with care.

Whilst it mainly comes down to the individual(s) responsible for handling your package correctly, there are ways to help prevent this from happening.

Impact, shock, and tilt indicators provide a visual deterrent that the package is being monitored. By implementing a damage prevention solution with your bespoke packaging, you’ll be on your way to minimising product damage during delivery. A perfect way to enhance your bespoke packaging solution and prevent damaged shipments.

Bespoke packaging solutions from Swiftpak

When looking to reduce your returns, keep customers happy, and grow as a business, your packaging solution plays a huge role. So why not invest in bespoke packaging.

At Swiftpak, we design bespoke packaging solutions using multi-materials for products that need personalised protection. With over 45 years’ experience in the industry, we know what it takes to offer maximum protection with minimal use of materials. Our bespoke packaging solutions are designed to increase delivery performance, save your business money, and reduce the complexities of your packaging operation.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support your businesses’ packaging needs, get in touch with our expert team at Swiftpak today – we’d love to answer any questions you have.