Packaging Machinery

How packaging machinery can reduce your operational costs

3 mins

When funds are limited and there’s pressure to reduce costs, investing in packaging machinery is probably at the bottom of your list. However, a careful investment in the right machinery can make that all important change needed to maximise efficiency and cut operational costs dramatically.

For packaging operations struggling to keep up with demand, or perhaps those experiencing return numbers through the roof, we explore how investing in the correct packaging machinery could do wonders for your operation, and potentially open up a window for business growth.

1. Reduced packaging waste

Whether it be through using poor quality materials, too much packaging, or from goods arriving at their destination damaged, packaging waste is a huge cost for any business. Fortunately, these issues can be ironed out to some part with the use of packaging machinery. Automated machines such as pallet wrappers and tapers can be programmed to use the perfect amount of material for your individual packaging needs.

Not only does this help reduce over-packing, therefore saving on material costs, but it provides a more consistent, quality finish to your package or pallet to improve successful delivery rates.

2. Increase packing times

The manual tasks of sealing packages and wrapping pallets is time consuming. The longer it takes to complete each package, the more it costs your business. Think about it, employees could be spending their time a lot more productively within the packing process.

Through the use of automated packaging machinery, you can significantly increase the pace of your packaging operation. With what would usually be tedious, manual tasks of taping boxes and wrapping pallets, machinery can step in for your operatives, allowing them to add value in other areas of the process.

For example, a study of ours revealed that an automated pallet wrap machine can secure an entire pallet in under 1 minute, resulting in a productivity increase of 47%! Watch the full video here.

3. Greater pallet stability

This point goes specifically for automated pallet wrap machines. Apart from the increased wrapping times and reducing waste, automated machinery offers a whole lot more.

Opting for an automated pallet wrap machine can improve pallet stability as well as the aesthetics of the pallet. A clearer wrap will also make reading labels on packages easier when it comes to distribution.

A secure pallet during transit results in an increase chance of successful delivery. If your pallet is wrapped poorly, packages could become loose, or worse, could collapse entirely – a costly situation for most businesses.

4. Improved health and safety

Manual tasks are a major cause of injury in the workplace. According to HSE, 69,208 non-fatal injuries were reported by employers under RIDDOR in 2018-2019. Injuries don’t just affect those injured, the employer could lose out on a key member of staff, costing the business in the short run. But how can automated machinery be used to limit the chance of injury?

Continuous manual task can cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This is a common occurrence when wrapping pallets, as constant bending downwards can cause problems for the back. An automated machine does the work for you, meaning no unnecessary stress on the body is created. However, it’s important to remember that machinery requires proper maintenance and training to ensure it doesn’t become a hazard in itself.

Want to discover more packaging machinery benefits?

At Swiftpak, we offer a range of packaging machinery to help our customers streamline their packaging operations. We have the necessary knowledge to recommend the machinery needed in your business to help cut costs, increase productivity and reduce packaging waste.

For more information on our packaging machinery, speak to one of our experts today, we’d love to let you know how your business could benefit from one of our solutions.