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How to get your ecommerce packaging ready for Christmas

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Did you know that 62% of ecommerce brands start preparing for the holiday season in August? This is because packaging can play a huge part in your success during the festive period, so it is important to get it right.

Leaving preparations too late could cause a lot of stress on your business and result in unnecessary shortages that could have been foreseen if planning had started earlier.

Since the covid-19 pandemic started, customers are increasingly turning their attention to buying online instead of going out. It was said last year in GlobalData’s research that 46% of consumers intended to buy more online rather than visiting the store thanks to the pandemic. This meant that brands were forced to rapidly change their strategies including switching over to more ecommerce packaging.

With the packaging shortages experienced this year that caused further difficulties, it’s crucial to not take any risks when it comes to ecommerce packaging and preparing for the upcoming busy period. In this article, we will be discussing how businesses can ensure their ecommerce packaging is ready for the holidays.

Get planning early for increased demand on ecommerce packaging

If your business has been running for longer than 12 months, you should have some data from the previous year on the products that saw increased sales. This data can be helpful to prepare and foresee any packaging shortages that could occur by knowing the products that are most popular.

By looking at previous data early on, you can stock up on the packaging products that face high demands to ensure you never run low. Many businesses have already begun to prepare for the busiest season but say they still don’t feel able to keep up with demand. This shows how it is more important than ever to start planning early and not leave any preparations too late, especially with the pandemic struggles and packaging shortages we have faced over the past year.

Prepare customised ecommerce packaging

Good packaging signals a premium product in the eyes of the customer. Nearly half of consumers say that branded packaging made them more excited about opening the box to see what was inside. 55% of online customers also say they would purchase from the website again if the products arrived in customised packaging. If this doesn’t convince you, 30% of businesses have reported an increase in revenue after improving their packaging. This shows how packaging can change the way a customer will see your business and its products.

At Christmas, a branded unboxing experience goes above and beyond as it is a time when emotions matter the most. By delivering a customised ecommerce package, you can create an unforgettable unboxing experience for the customer which will make them more likely to purchase from your company again.

Around 62% of ecommerce businesses purchase their custom packaging in September and October, with 25% of businesses leaving ordering packaging to November. So, if you haven’t ordered your packaging yet, then this is your sign to get ready for the busy seasonal period!

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Make sure your ecommerce packaging performance is up to scratch

It’s all well and good making sure that your ecommerce packaging looks nice, but it’s even more important to ensure that the packaging is strong enough to endure the transport process.

Good ecommerce packaging is able to withstand being mishandled, dropped, crushed, and should keep products inside protected from moisture. This is especially the case during busy periods like Christmas, particularly when we are currently facing a shortage of drivers making the process more busy than ever for couriers. To make it easier for them, use packaging of good quality that perfectly fits your products to avoid breakages. It would also be helpful to use packaging labels that clearly show how the package needs to be handled.

Say no to excessive ecommerce packaging and become more sustainable

In a ‘Which’ Survey, 48% of customers agreed that excessive packaging is one of the most annoying things about online shopping. To avoid using excessive packaging, you should make sure to use appropriately sized boxes that perfectly fit the product so that you won’t be needing to use a lot of void fill and other packaging fillers to fill any empty spaces.

The same survey showed that customers feel more positively about brands that are trying to reduce unnecessary packaging. Consumers are becoming increasingly put off by wasteful packaging, for example, oversized boxes filled with expanded polystyrene, bubble wrap or excess void fill. Doing this, makes your company look like it doesn’t really care about its environmental impact and so this could damage your company’s reputation in the eyes of the consumer.

Making each individual package to the exact size and using less packaging filler not only better protects your products during transit, but it minimises cardboard usage, saves resources, and reduces shipping costs. Better yet, you can go one step further by offsetting your paper waste and get customers excited by having the new label below printed on your packaging!

Seasonal ecommerce packaging from Swiftpak

As you have likely gathered from this article, it’s never too early to start talking about Christmas and getting your ecommerce packaging ready for the increased demand.

Don’t let yourself get caught out by leaving things too late. If you need some help finding the perfect packaging, contact our packaging experts today and they will ensure that your packaging leaves a positively unforgettable opening experience this holiday season.