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The cost of packaging line downtime: Improving efficiency with machinery

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Efficiency plays a huge part in the potential for business growth, but is often overlooked by businesses of all sizes. Knowing when and where current inefficiencies exist is super important, and making adjustments to support the key functions in your operation will allow your business to flourish.

Whilst there are many aspects of your operation that could be analysed to identify efficiency gains, perhaps the largest opportunity lies in your packaging.

So, if packaging line downtime is an issue or concern for your business, read on. Here, we explore the effects of packaging line downtime and how machinery could be the answer to your packaging inefficiencies.

Effects of packaging line downtime

Packaging line downtime can cause several disruptions to your business. Not only in the form of lost productivity and profit, but in terms of team morale and how workers feel too. We’ll explain how.

Downtime impacts employees

Have you ever considered how downtime could take a toll on how your people feel? Most members of your team that drive results maintain a sense of pride and ownership in their work – they know what’s expected, have their targets, and aim to hit them.

But when downtime occurs, it’s natural to feel a sense of failure, like the team’s been let down, even when no one’s to blame.

This downtime can negatively impact morale and frustrate hard working people to the point they’ll look for work elsewhere. So, consider the cost of losing quality employees due to packaging line downtime.

Unsatisfied customers

Keeping customers happy should be a top priority for all businesses. Not only does it give them a reason to stick around, but means they’re likely to recommend your company to others.

To put things straight, if downtime is a recurring issue, you’ll miss deadlines, frustrate your customers and potentially lose their business.

Lost profits

Everyone’s heard of the saying ‘time is money’, and that’s no different here. The longer your team spend standing around, scrapping packaging materials, and troubleshooting issues, the more time, and therefore profits are wasted.

But how as a business can you prevent packaging line downtime and improve overall efficiency across your operation?

Improve packaging efficiency with machinery

Investing in quality packaging machinery is certainly the way forward. Whether that be manual, automated, or a mixture of both, having machines you can rely on is paramount when it comes to efficiency.

From automated tapers, to pallet wrap machines, strapping machines and quick void fill solutions, each stage in your packaging line must be thought through. Think about it, even if just one part of your packaging line goes down, it affects your entire operation, causing unnecessary delays.

Keen to find out how your business could increase packaging line efficiencies? Contact our expert team at Swiftpak today. We’ll get to your business, take time to understand your operation, highlight inefficiencies in your packaging line and make recommendations based on your requirements. Our superior range of packaging machinery won’t let you down.