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Packaging your products at Christmas

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Considerations for protecting and promoting your products with your packaging at Christmas

The Christmas season is often one of the busiest periods for businesses. While often a fruitful time as far as orders are concerned, the extra stress this puts on various areas of a company can result in mistakes that in the long term have a negative impact financially. Packing your products is often one of these areas.

There is always so much to be celebrated during the festive period. The increased demand for your products is often a welcome stopper to your year. But this extra popularity comes at a price.

Christmas is a veritable feast for a marketer’s senses and companies are having to try harder and harder to win a slice of this lucrative audience.

When you’ve put your all into marketing your products at Christmas, you need to be sure you aren’t overlooking any other aspect of your business. For example, packaging often requires a touch more observation and investment around this time to avoid small mistakes. The last thing any business wants is all their extra investment going to waste.

With that in mind, we’ve got a few points to think about when it comes to packing your products at Christmas:

Your products are only as strong as your packaging

This is one of the most glaringly obvious points that should always be kept in mind, but product protection is even more relevant during the festive period as pressure on your packing department grows. You need to be sure that your packaging is fit for purpose. For businesses with a wide variety of products this can sometimes be a struggle. At this point, it's about planning in advance and ensuring that your team are aware of the standards for each separate product.

When your team are aware of the expectations of each product, the challenge of packing is reduced and the process can be streamlined. This means that more time can be allocated on packing obscurely shaped packages and packages with more than one item. Issues such as what packing tape or void fill/cushioning to use for each product are covered in more detail in other articles on our blog.

More products means more chance of damage

Very often in the festive period you’ll find you have orders that require you to send more than one type of product in the same package. When this is the case be sure you think about each item separately. In order to avoid damage and breakages from on product to another, wrap them

independently before placing them in a box large enough for you to make use of sufficient void fill and cushioning material.

Personalisation at Christmas can make all the difference

Although it isn’t essential, often it's the small personalisations in packaging that really cement your brand as professional, personal and desirable to the consumer. Christmas is the perfect time to add a message either enclosed within or on your package. Either way, the most important thing around the festive period is ensuring that your packaging remains fit for purpose and professional, so that your products can reach your customers in perfect condition - reducing the frequency of those pesky January returns!

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