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Plastic Tax 2022: Packaging alternatives on the market

4 mins

With a £200 a tonne tax coming into force in 2022 on any plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled content, you may be wondering what alternatives you could be using to reduce your plastic waste.

Plastic waste is a serious global issue as often it does not decompose, and so it pollutes the environment. Most plastic packaging is made from ‘new plastic’, rather than recycled material, as recycled plastic is usually more expensive. In this article, we will provide you with some packaging alternatives that your business could switch to in order to protect our environment.

AIRPlus Void Recycle

The relatively new Storopack AIRPlus Void Recycle film is an air pillow film that consists of PE and at least 50% recycled material. Therefore, this is a perfect example of protective packaging you could be using as an alternative, as it offers the benefits of PE, whilst still helping to conserve resources.

This recycled range supports circular economy objectives to keep products lasting for as long as possible. The greener choice does not mean a compromise on quality either, as extensive field testing has shown it to perform equally well as the more standard virgin grade air cushions.

At Swiftpak, we care about recycling and the health of our environment, and with our extensive range of recyclable and eco-friendly packaging products, we encourage our customers to discover these new alternatives and to step away from single-use plastics. Register your interest today at

SupaTak Paper Tape

Another example of a more environmentally friendly packaging is our own SupaTak brand. We would suggest SupaTak Kraft Adhesive Paper Tape as it doesn’t  contain plastic while at the same time remaining its performance by the high strength and high tack adhesive. Adhesive tapes contain pressure sensitive polymers that cause them to become sticky. They behave as both a solid and a liquid, finding their way into any tiny gaps in the fibres of the surface. Once left alone, these adhesive tapes will then turn back into a solid, holding the package in place.

The advantages

  • SupaTak Kraft Paper Tape is much more eco-friendly for your standard taping needs.
  • Minimises the chances of damaged returns and improves safety of handlers/consumers.
  • It can withstand varying temperatures (both hot and cold) meaning the seal does not become lose, again resulting in less damage returns!

If you would like to know more about our varied paper tape varieties, take a look at our guide to adhesive tapes for packaging.

Paper Voidfill

At Swiftpak, we stock an extensive range of paper void fill products and machines that will help protect your packaged goods from damage in an environmentally friendly way during transit. Used to fill the space in a package for protection against damages, there are many advantages in using Paper Voidfill over any other plastic, such as airbags.

The advantages

  • Paper Voidfill is available in a variety of systems for packing light, medium and heavy items.
  • The paper is fully recyclable, containing no harmful substances that could damage our environment.
  • It is highly flexible, meaning with multiple machine configurations, it can integrate seamlessly into any packaging operation, which is always a bonus!

Embossed Paper Rolls

Finally, instead of using bubble wrap to package your products, you could consider using paper embossed rolls. They offer a similar cushioning protection, but unlike standard bubble wrap, they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The advantages

  • Embossed paper is a natural material that can be recycled.
  • Using these rolls saves both storage and transport costs
  • Reduces the packaging waste you create
  • Embossed paper is easy to transport, store, and use.

Unlike most plastics, paper is highly versatile and easy to recycle and so can be turned into a new material repeatedly, reducing the amount of waste you use. Using paper like our void fill or embossed paper products, also has financial benefits and can be potentially cost saving.

To conclude…

At Swiftpak, we make it our mission to help companies to go green, and with the newly introduced plastic tax bill, there is no better time for your business to start thinking about plastic alternative packaging solutions. If you would like more information on the plastic tax legislation or what we can do to help your business towards a greener future, please contact us today.