Protective Packaging

Protective packaging examples for pharmaceutical, medical & chemical products

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Proper protective packaging is crucial for the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry. But finding a solution you’re confident in can prove to be difficult. Why?

Pharmaceutical and chemical products are often sensitive or hazardous and require extra care to ensure an effective packaging solution is achieved. Due their sensitive nature and importance in our society, a complete protective solution requires the attention from an experienced packaging supplier.

This goes for every point in your supply chain. Whether your product is going from the manufacturer to the distributor, or from the distributor to the pharmacy/hospital, you need to ensure its adequately protected.

In this article, we share examples of protective packaging solutions used effectively to ship pharmaceutical, medical and chemical products world-wide.

The importance of protective packaging

Understanding the importance of protective packaging in the first step to finding an effective solution. Proper packaging will significantly reduce damage rates, creating a more efficient and cost-effective operation for your business. You’ll also find the reputation of your business relies on a strong packaging solution. Think about, if you received a damaged product would you place another order from that same company?

When it comes to the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry, the need for a superior protective packaging solution rises. Why? Well, let’s say you’re responsible for sending out essential medicines to consumers. If your product isn’t protected properly, and as a result becomes tampered with or damaged, your customers could be put at risk.

It’s best to be on the safe side, for both the benefits of your customers and your peace of mind. Protective packaging is a must, and must be done properly. Here are some example of protective packaging products for the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry.

Paper Void Fill – Damage prevention

Preventing damage in transit through packaging is important for all industries. But with sensitive medical products and hazardous chemicals, extra attention is needed due to the health and safety risks they bring.

Paper Void Fill machines create a soft and flexible paper cushion that’s placed inside the carton to protect your products. Void Fill is used as an effective way to prevent damages for medium and smaller sized goods. For the Pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry, the Paperplus Papillon Machine is recommended. This paper padding is flexible, easy to use, offers incredible damage prevention and provides an eco-friendly way to package your products. What more could you want from a Void Fill solution?

For more information on our Void Fill solutions and how they could benefit your business, take a look at another one of our recent blogs, how to get the most from your paper void fill.

Reinforced Self Adhesive Paper Machine Tape – Tamper evidence

Tamper-evident tapes play a huge part in the protection of goods during transport, especially in the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry. With the constant threat of counterfeiting, tamper-evident solutions provide safety and security for your consumers. In short, tamper-evident tapes reduce the risk of consumers receiving falsified products.

A product frequently used to deter this illegal activity is Gummed Paper Tape. A recyclable solution that requires water to activate upon application. However, this can become messy when used several times throughout the day, leaving you with a damp workstation. Not great for the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry where cleanliness is so important. So, what’s the alternative?

Reinforced Self Adhesive Paper Machine Tape. It’s 100% recyclable, provides a consistent seal to your package, and doesn’t require water to activate the adhesive – perfect for sterile environments. This tamper-evident taping solution can also be used with any taping machine! So no need to invest in a new taping machine. 

Bespoke pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Many products in the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry require bespoke solutions for maximum protection. This can be achieved in a number of ways using various materials, and all depends on the product at hand. For example, a bespoke stepped foam solution can be designed specific to the shape, size and quantity of products that require shipping. All in all, the goal of bespoke packaging is to provide a protective and cost-effective solution.

With over 40 years experience in the packaging industry, we’ve designed countless bespoke solutions for our clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector. Not only do we provide bespoke designs but can get these laboratory tested and ISTA certified.

At Swiftpak, we understand the importance of protective packaging, especially for sectors where products are sensitive. Our protective packaging solutions are designed with your product at heart, offer maximum security and meet UK regulations. If you’re looking for a packaging supplier that specialises in the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry, take a look at our dedicated sector page or speak to one of our experts today. We’d be more than happy to help.