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5 reasons to invest in an automated taping machine

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There are many reasons to consider investing in an automated taping machine, especially for fast-paced, busy packaging operations. While they can be quite pricey upfront, they provide a ton of benefits to your operations and business in the long run. Here we explore the top 5 reasons you should invest in a taping a machine.

1. Increased productivity

Using an automated taping machine allows workers in your packaging operation to apply tape faster than they would manually. With the push of a button, your chosen box can be perfectly taped. This allows your business to tape packages more efficiently, while eliminating the tedious task of manually taping boxes.

In addition, manual packaging processes can lead to human error, which can disrupt the flow of your packaging line. With automated taping machines there is less scope for packaging errors, leading to less downtime in your packaging operation.

2. Consistent sealing

When applying tape manually, it’s difficult to be consistent with the amount of tape being used, often leading to over taping. This means not only is tape being wasted, money is too. And let’s not forget, if the tape you’re using isn’t eco-friendly, over taping can contribute to harmful waste in the environment. On top of this, over taping can look unprofessional.

Implementing an automated taping machine into your packaging operation eliminates the potential of over taping and messy finishes, creating a professional looking package. When using an automated taping machine, the perfect amount of tape needed can be set, automatically sealing the box the same way every single time - creating a neat package for the end user.

3. Save money

As mentioned in the point above, applying tape manually can lead to over taping. This contributes to material waste, which can be easily avoided with the use of an automated taping machine. Not only can you reduce costs by shrinking material wastage, costs are cut with the increase in productivity. After all, time is money.

4. Lower chance of injury

Repetitive strain injury risks are lowered when packages are sealed automatically rather than manually. Automation removes a lot of the input usually required by a human to complete repetitive manual tasks, and an automated taping machine is no exception.

5. Reduce damaged returns

With the increase in consistent sealing that automated taping machines bring, a stronger seal is made. This helps reduce the chance of the tape peeling off during transport and storage, securing the product inside. Now, we’re not saying that integrating an automated taping will solve this problem entirely, as both the tape and carton must be considered for security. However, automated taping machines will certainly contribute to a stronger seal. Take a look at how we helped a food subscription company reduce their failed shipments with a new solution for their taping machine.

Automated taping machine for Swiftpak

Now that you’re aware of the benefits an automated taping machine can bring to your packaging operation, which machine should you invest in?

At Swiftpak, we offer our PAKTOOL taping machines with finance arrangements available. So, no need to worry about pricey upfront costs. Our automated taping machine is compatible with tapes up to 72cm’s wide and is suitable for use with heavy products. Take a look at our PAKTOOL automated taping machine in action below.

If you’re looking to invest in an automated taping machine, contact Swiftpak today and see how your business can benefit from the many advantages it brings to your packaging operation.