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4 sustainable options for your ecommerce packaging solution

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When it comes to the interaction between customers and ecommerce brands, packaging is one of the most frequently encountered elements. While packaging is necessary to ensure the safe transit of goods from Point A to Point B, its impact extends beyond your business.

With the increasing volume of ecommerce sales, packaging accounts for a significant portion of household waste - and this trend is only expected to continue. To address this issue, it’s essential to prioritise the selection of packaging that is not only beneficial to your business but also the environment.

Fortunately, thanks to innovation and a desire to do better for our planet, there are numerous sustainable packaging options available today. 4 of which we’ll be exploring right here.

What makes packaging sustainable?

Sustainable packaging involves the selection of materials and designs for boxes, mailers, and other packing supplies with the end goal of reducing their environmental impact. The specific approach may vary depending on the industry, but typically takes the following points into consideration:

  • Minimising space and waste with ‘right-size’ packaging
  • Maximising the use of recycled and biodegradable materials
  • Using light-weight packaging materials to decrease carbon footprint during transit
  • Incorporating renewable energy during production
  • Incorporating monomaterials or alternatively materials that are easy to disassemble  (makes sorting and recycling easier)
  • Ensuring consumer and environmental safety throughout the product lifecycle
  • Meeting cost and performance requirements

Why should you use sustainable packaging?

Businesses that adopt a sustainable strategy gain an advantage over those that do not. There are a number of reasons why choosing sustainable packaging is beneficial, which include:

  • A way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility
  • Lower shipping costs and reduced carbon footprint
  • Optimised packaging that saves you money
  • Meet growing consumer demands

With sustainable packaging, you’ll attract and retain customers at a greater level, as well as help towards saving the planet – a win, win if you ask us.

Sustainable options for ecommerce packaging

From product cushioning to adhesive tape and postal boxes, here is a breakdown of sustainable packaging options perfect for ecommerce use.

1. Honeycomb paper wrap

To cushion a fragile item in transit, this is a sustainable alternative to plastic bubble wrap or styrofoam. Honeycomb paper wrap is made from 100% FSC-certified kraft paper and is fully recyclable. It’s extremely lightweight and flexible, with no compromise on protective performance. Say goodbye to traditional bubble wrap, and hello to Honeycomb paper wrap!

2. Paper Voidfill

Looking for a sustainable voidfill solution to protect your ecommerce shipments? Paper void fill is versatile, reusable, and most importantly, protective. Whether you need to cushion a fragile item during transit or simply fill the excess space in your package, paper voidfill is an excellent option.

3. Bespoke ecommerce protection

In many cases, a custom packaging solution is the way forward. Designing an ecommerce packaging solution from the ground-up ensures no corners are cut in the journey to complete sustainability. Bespoke protection can range from specially printed cardboard boxes, through to custom inserts and brand-shouting paper tape. Going bespoke provides an opportunity to dive deep into your ecommerce packaging solution and come up with a design that’s truly sustainable. Our top tip is to opt for suppliers with in-house design capabilities.

4. Reinforced paper tape

A tamper-evident and self-adhesive paper tape is perfect for sealing your ecommerce packages. Not only is it 100% recyclable but provides a seal that can only be removed by damaging the carton. For more information, view our complete guide on paper tape.

Implement sustainable ecommerce packaging with Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we source responsibly and are committed to helping maintain the health of our environment. We offer an extensive range of sustainable packaging products that are ideal for ecommerce brands.

With over 45 years of experience, we have guided a huge variety of businesses in different industries on sustainable packaging. Feel free to contact our friendly team today who will be more than happy to help you.