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The Swiftpak guide to void fill packaging

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What’s the best way to protect your goods during transit? Unless your product is extremely durable and fits precisely into the shipping box, you’ll likely benefit from the use of void fill packaging. Not only does it prevent the risk of damage due to heavy handling, but provides an opportunity to customise each package to suit your branding.

There are many forms of void fill packaging, and the most effective depends on your situation, wants, and requirements as a business. So, to help answer your void fill questions, we’ve produced the Swiftpak guide to void fill packaging - read on as we explore what void fill packaging is, when it’s most useful, and which void fill products to consider for your packaging solution.

What is void fill packaging?

Put simply, void fill is the material used to fill empty spaces in packaging. It effectively plugs any gaps between the product(s) and shipping box to help keep it in place and prevent movement. This drastically reduces the chance of transport, handling, and storage damage.

Void fill packaging materials include:·      

  • Paper void fill
  • Airbags
  • Polystyrene chips
  • Packing peanuts
  • Carton shreddings
  • Foam-in-place

With an introduction to void fill out of the way, let’s take a look at when it’s most useful in packaging.

When should void fill packaging be used?

It’s a common misconception that void fill is only required when dealing with fragile items. The truth is, if you care about both protection and presentation, void fill is needed in most situations. In particular, void fill should be used when:

  • Products contain sharp pointy corners – By adding a layer of void fill around the product in question, you can prevent the risk of corners piercing the outer packaging.
  • Products have vast amounts of space to move – With void fill packaging, your product will remain in place during shipment. No bent, scratched, or damaged items with the correct void fill solution.
  • You value customer experience – Void fill can subtly enhance the presentation of your package, especially important for ecommerce businesses.
  • Products require extra protection – Sometimes, products just need that extra layer of security. They might not contain sharp corners or have room to move, they may simply be fragile. In this case, void fill packaging can be used to mitigate impacts and prevent breakages.
void fill

Void fill packaging products to consider

This wouldn’t be a very comprehensive guide without giving any practical suggestions, would it? Let’s explore our recommended void fill packaging solutions the reasons why you may want to consider them.

Paper void fill

There are many variations of paper void fill to choose form, but they all share the same characteristics – eco-friendliness, value, and flexibility.

Depending on your business’ needs and the product at hand, Track, Papillon, and Chevron style paper void fill offer excellent options.

Track style paper void fill offers a high-speed solution designed to cater for fast-paced environments, while providing all-round protection. Papillon offers a more flexible void fill, designed to cushion small to medium sized products, while Chevron gives an extremely lightweight solution to keep costs at a minimum.

Air bags

Air bags offer fantastic buffer protection and can be inflated to size using an air cushion machine. Th machine can quickly and conveniently make packaging air bags, helping reduce storage space needed to hold the void fill. Air bag solutions are perfect for small to medium sized businesses looking for a quick and convenient void fill solution that’s simple and offers great performance.


Similar to air bags, Foam-in-place provides convenience when it comes to packing and protecting your product. But where does it differ? With activation right out of the box, Foam-in-place expands around your product for custom-fit protection, and with no equipment needed.


Loosefill refers to a number of different void fill options and is quick and easy to use. From Polystyrene and Biodegradable foam chips, to Woodwool, Vermiculite, and more. Simply fill your package until the desired level of protection has been achieved.

Void fill packaging solutions from Swiftpak

With a wide range of void fill packaging products, and supporting machinery, we have a void fill solution that will fit seamlessly into your operation. Why not explore our void fill range today.

Ensure which void fill solution is best suited to your products and packaging operation? Contact our expert team at Swiftpak. We have the packaging expertise and experience needed to advise your business on the most effective solution.