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The Benefits of Wholesale Packaging

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Packaging is crucial in gaining customers trust and loyalty. A perfectly well-designed package attracts customers attention, and this is why it’s important to make sure you are investing in good quality wholesale packaging.

In particular, custom wholesale rigid boxes are becoming very popular nowadays. This is because not only are they tough and durable so they can protect fragile items such as mobile phones, but also they can display an eye-catching design as well.

The best wholesale packaging will not only attract customers, but also keep your product safe during transportation. In this article, we will be exploring everything there is to know about wholesale packaging and its benefits.

What is wholesale packaging?

“Wholesale” means selling goods in large quantities and hence at lower prices, making it great to mass produce a product and get it to market efficiently. Buying products in bulk can serve many positive outcomes including it being less time consuming and reduces the chances of any costly errors.

So, what are the other benefits of wholesale packaging?

1. Wholesale packaging helps to keep your supply chain running smooth.

It is important that you find a wholesale packaging supplier that will keep your supply chain running smoothly. It is also equally important that your products packaging has the ability to keep your products safe and secure until they are delivered. As you can imagine, usually packaging goes through a lot of pressure until it reaches the final destination.

In order to ensure your products, remain in good condition and leave a positive lasting impression on your customers, choose good-quality wholesale packaging such as custom boxes that can be made to perfectly fit the product to prevent damage. Choose a packaging supplier that brings expertise to the table, as each product is different and will need different protection and design, so it would be beneficial if you have a packaging supplier that really knows how to create the perfect packaging for your products.

2. Wholesale packaging can be printed on with your brand designs and logo

Shipping your wholesale packaging with your brand’s design and logo is a great way to add style and personalise your brands image. It will also help the customer know who the package is from and what could be inside.

Custom packaging tape with your brands name printed on can also be used to seal the boxes. This is an effective way to ensure your products arrive at the final destination in the same condition they left the storeroom. Using your own branded tape, is also a good idea in terms of tamper-evidence, as it will be more difficult for any thieves to replicate. Therefore, it will be obvious if the package has been opened during transit.

3. Wholesale packaging can be made to perfectly fit the product

When deciding on your packaging, it’s important to choose those with minimal extra space. The extra space left in a box can lead to product damage as it will be much more likely to move around during the transport process.

This can be avoided by using light-weight material or other re-usable materials and this way you will not only save the product inside from becoming damaged, but also save money for your company too.

At Swiftpak, we have a range of Die Cut Self Assemble Cartons, Single Wall Cartons, and Double Wall Cartons that are all sturdy and tough to ensure maximum strength and protection. These also come in a range of sizes so you can ensure that they fit your product effectively.

We also supply wholesale mailer boxes that are cheap, versatile, and durable to securely deliver your product to a customer. They come in a wide range of sizes to ensure that what you are selling remains safe and secure.


bespoke packaging example

4. Wholesale packaging offers many cost-effective benefits!

If you were to go for custom packaging and printing wholesale, it proves highly cost-effective. This is because finding the right packaging for your operation could save time for your workers when packing the products if the packaging already fits them perfectly.

Wholesale packaging also supports various printing techniques as you only have to incur one-time printing plate charges and can produce hundreds of boxes with an excellent result by using it. All of these features can help businesses to decrease costs and increase the profit margin.

Wholesale packaging from Swiftpak

As a wholesale packaging supplier, at Swiftpak we are committed to providing you with the best protective packaging solutions backed by specialist knowledge and first-class service.

To find out more about the wholesale packaging we provide, feel free to contact our packaging experts today and they will be happy to help you.