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The Swiftpak guide to green packaging

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By now you should know we’re huge fans of green packaging. We’ve spoken about it many times before, and there’re many reasons to why. Green packaging contributes massively to conserving the health of our environment, helps brands build consumer loyalty, and can boost a company’s bottom-line.

In this article, you’ll learn about various types of green packaging, discover the benefits of using green packaging solutions, and find eco-friendly products your business can introduce for a positive impact on your brand and the environment. But before we get stuck in, what exactly is ‘green packaging’?

What is green packaging?

Also known as sustainable or eco-friendly, green packaging uses materials and manufacturing techniques in order to reduce energy usage and lower the harmful impacts that packaging has on the environment.

There are various categories that green packaging can fall into:

1. Biodegradable packaging 

Made from renewable raw materials like starch, soy protein, cellulose and many more examples, biodegradable packaging decomposes in a natural, environmentally way.

This relies on the consumer properly disposing of the packaging to ensure natural decomposing. Products labelled as ‘biodegradable’ can be thrown into general waste, however it’s always best to check the label to be sure. For example, some biodegradable products can be composted in a home environment and only take weeks to fully decompose. Whereas others may require special environments for a prolonged time in order to degrade fully – this should be left to a professional composting facility.

2. Reusable packaging

Manufactured using durable materials, reusable packaging is specifically designed for multiple usage, without impairment of its protective function.

3. Recyclable packaging

Packaging made from materials that can be used again. This includes materials such as card, paper, metal, certain plastics and more.

Introducing just one of these types of packaging can positively impact your business, and a lot more than you may think too. So, what are the benefits of introducing green packaging to your operations?

Benefits of green packaging

1. Reduced carbon footprint

Right from the manufacturing process, to the delivery of your package, the level of CO2 being produced must be considered. By introducing green products into your packaging line, the volume of harmful emission being produced can be minimised. But how does green packaging help reduce your carbon footprint? Certain packaging materials produce less CO2 when being manufactured, and with green packaging products being lightweight, less emissions are produced upon transportation. 

2. Refine brand image

As society is shifting towards a more eco-conscious mindset, the demand for green packaging increases. In fact, with a recent study showing 59 percent of consumers across the globe are willing to pay more for green packaging, it’s now considered a ‘must’ for brands around the globe. Take Sainsbury’s for example, they’ve recently invested £1bn to become Net Zero by 2040. Meaning they’ll focus on reducing carbon emissions, food waste, plastic packaging, increase recycling and more.

Not meeting this consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging could seriously hurt the perception of your business, potentially causing a drop in number of sales. In short, you can’t afford to be sitting on the fence, it’s time to introduce green packaging into your operation.

3. Save money

Green packaging products tend to be manufactured using lightweight materials. But how does this save your business money? It’s simple. The lighter your packaging, the less you’ll be charged in shipping costs. On top of this, green packaging focuses on reducing waste, and streamlining the design of your packaging can help cut costs drastically.

However, it’s important to remember that protection should always be your number one priority. There’s no good in reducing the amount of packaging used if the protection of goods inside the package have been negatively affected. After all, this could cost your business more in the long run due to damaged returns. 

Now that you’re aware of how important green packaging is for your business, what products should you consider and why?

Green packaging product examples

1. Paper void fill

Used to fill the space in a package for protection against damages, paper void fill is available in a variety of systems for packing light, medium and heavy items. The paper is fully recyclable and contains no harmful substances. Paper void fill is also highly flexible, and with multiple machine configurations, the ability to integrate seamlessly into any packaging operation is always a bonus.

2. Reinforced self-adhesive paper machine tape

This new, innovative product is not just another eco-friendly tape. Reinforced self-adhesive paper machine tape is a great alternative to gummed paper tape. In fact, it blows gummed paper tape out of the picture. With no water activation required, reinforced self-adhesive paper machine tape offers a clean, green and efficient way to package your goods.

3. Paper mailing bags

Instead of polythene mailing bags, try fully recyclable Jiffy paper padded bags. Made from a high-quality Kraft paper filled with macerated paper, air is trapped to protect the contents of the bag.

4. PLA Thermal insulate

The latest green solution to enter the packaging industry. PLA thermal insulates offer an environmentally and animal friendly way of controlling the temperature of your goods during transit.

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be launching this innovative green solution on our website soon!

5. Paper embossed rolls

If you’re currently using bubble wrap to package your products, consider paper embossed rolls. They offer similar cushioning protection, are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. On top of this, the costs can even be lower, so what are you waiting for?

At Swiftpak, we source and recycle responsibly and are committed to helping maintain the health of our environment. We offer an extensive range of green packaging products and generate automated waste reports for our customers in order to help them with the process of going green as easy as possible.

We don’t stop there; we make it our mission to help companies that want to go green. Our free, no obligation packaging audit helps uncover ways your business can become greener. If you’d like to arrange a time for us to assess your packaging operation free of charge, claim your audit today.

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