Protective Packaging

Thinking inside the Cardboard box

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Advances in modern protective packaging mean storing bulky products for void fill and cushioning could be a thing of the past...

Start making your own void fill at the touch of a button...

Getting your protective packaging right is essential to minimising product loss and damage as well as customer dissatisfaction that can cost your company dearly.

One of the most versatile and cost effective protective packaging materials can be produced on your own packaging station, on demand as you need it. Airbags come in any number of shapes and sizes and can be used for cushioning , void fill and block and brace packaging solutions. There are few packaging products with that level of versatility making it a top choice when more than one type of protection is needed.

Its predecessor, the old faithful bubble wrap, is one of the most well-known and widely used form of protective packaging due to its versatility and effective protective qualities. However, anyone who has ever used bubble wrap in any kind of bulk knows that, one of the biggest drawbacks is space. Likewise, loose chips are traditionally the most popular void fill product (despite advances in the disposal issues with the introduction of starch chips) still pose a problem with storage and mess.

The days of storing massive rolls of bulky bubble wrap and bags of loose fill are gone. Today airbags provide a much more practical solution to protecting your packaged goods and are more cost effective than you may realise.

As an indication on void fill, one roll of airbags yields the equivalent of 15 bags of loose fill making airbags up to two and a half times cheaper than the typical loose fill product.

Air pillows and bags come in deflated rolls from 450m up to 900m long and are inflated as needed using an Airtech machine. Our range of Airtech machines make durable air pillows of all shapes and sizes on demand at the touch of a button and what's more is the machines are free!

We provide you with FREE machine hire when you order from as little as 3 airbag rolls/mth with the Airtech mini, 8 roll/mth for the Airtech Excel or 12 rolls for the Airtech GTI.

Our team of Account managers are highly experienced ad can advise you what would be the best type of airbags to use for your packaging needs. Pick up the phone and give us a call to see what difference it could make to your packaging operation!

Swiftpak is a packaging supply company with over 30 years experience in choosing the right packaging supplies if you are looking to improve your packaging operation or need advice on the right packaging supplies for your products please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.