Packaging Waste

Top 5 tips for reducing your packaging waste

4 mins

Many businesses today are feeling pressure to minimize waste in the packaging they produce or put into the system here are our top 5 tips to doing just that.

We can all benefit from reducing waste from a general environmental perspective, however as a business, it becomes even more important. Businesses hold a larger degree of owned responsibility for the waste produced, many of them are even bound by packaging waste regulations and therefore have obligations not only to the regulatory bodies, but also to their stakeholders.

Many businesses today will be feeling the pressure to not only minimize waste in the packaging they produce or put into the system, but also in the reduction of their own waste generated on site. This on site generated waste poses significant costs to the business in the handling and disposal of the waste.

So here are our top 5 tips for reducing the waste your business both creates and has to deal with:

1. Reduce

Take a look at the products you are packaging. One of the biggest mistakes any company can make with regards packaging is to over package their goods. The wider public are increasingly aware of the issues packaging waste poses, not to mention the inconvenience to the end user of having to dispose of it. so take a look at what you are packaging is there a way of minimizing it?

Could you use a smaller box or different product, is there and over use of filler or padding?

2. Review

Regular reviewing of the products you are using is essential as the packaging industry is also well aware of the issues surrounding packaging waste and are consistently innovating and improving on the development of core packaging products, making them more efficient and using improved materials. Some of the latest packaging product innovations can significantly improve the efficiency of your packaging while reducing both waste and cost considerably. Recent developments in packaging materials include new technologies in Pallet Wrap, Packing Tapes, Flexible Packaging and Food packaging.

3. Reuse

Reusing some of the packaging that comes in to your business is another way of reducing the amount of packaging you use and have to purchase yourself. This amunts to both cost and waste savings to your company. This may seem a bit of a pass-the-buck option but really it is not as complicated as it may initially seem. With a bit of bit of forethought and planning to implement it can be as simple or broad in scope as you would like. It could simply be a matter of creating a place to store all of a particular type of void fill that comes in to be reused with outgoing products, or a matter of re-purposing waste cardboard boxes with the use of a shredder into new void fill for your own packaging.

4. Recycle

We all know what this means... but do we actually do enough beyond the required minimum?

Many companies will now be recycling thier cardboard boxes and plastic waste due to the cost of disposal but there is certainly a lot of scope to do more.

Often it's a simple matter of pre-planning and making the initial arrangements, then just occasional checking to see it is being followed through. This can be done across all areas of the business and all still counts towards you being a responsible supplier. All recycling undertaken reduces the overall waste produced by your company and the waste that ends up in landfill, as well as the raw materials needed to produce yet more waste.

5. Responsible

Choosing more environmentally responsible manufacturers and packaging suppliers can significantly affect the amount of waste you are held accountable for. Like reviewing the packaging materials you are using, your packaging suppliers should also be under under occasional review. Many suppliers are realising that their own environmental credentials matter to their clients and are making efforts to reduce their waste production and overall environmental footprint. In some cases purchasing packaging products from carbon neutral suppliers can offset the waste produced and the amount of liability you will face in your own waste reduction obligations.

Swiftpak strive to be responsible suppliers and are constantly reviewing the market for more environmentally friendly products and suppliers, we make it our business to help our customers reduce their packaging waste wherever possible if you are interested in finding out how you can reduce your packaging waste why not get in touch for a free no obligations packaging review.