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Top 5 reasons for switching to paper tape

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Choosing the right taping solution for your business is crucial. It ensures your products arrive safely, can speed up your packing process and can help reduce waste and costs.

With many different packaging tapes available to choose from, it’s important you understand the benefits of each to help make the correct decision for your business.

Paper tape should always be considered. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly, temperature-tolerant or tamper-evident tape, there’s a paper tape solution perfect for you. To help with your decision, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons you should switch to paper tape.

1. Recyclability

If you’re looking to get behind the movement for a greener planet, paper tape is a great alternative to standard packaging tapes. Why? Most paper tapes are completely biodegradable and recyclable - that goes for reinforced paper tape too.

On the other hand, plastic tape isn’t so eco-friendly. When removed from the cartons prior to recycling, an adhesive residue is left behind, weakening the recycled corrugate material. On top of this, the residue can damage expensive screening and filtering machinery used within the recycling process.

So, if eco-friendliness is important to you and your business, consider introducing paper tape into your operation.

2. Packing efficiency

Paper tape can improve the average packing speed dramatically. For example, gummed paper tape requires a dispenser to moisten and cut automatically, dispensing the perfect amount of tape each time, every time. Not only does this prevent the unnecessary use of tape, and therefore reducing waste, automation in your packaging will help you pack quicker. Now that’s efficiency for you.

Another example is Reinforced self-adhesive paper machine tape. This new and innovative paper tape solution goes one step further than gummed paper tape. It’s compatible with all taping machines and can dispense the perfect amount of tape directly to your cartons. What more? Self-adhesive reinforced paper machine tape doesn’t require water activation, giving you a clean and efficient operation. Find out more information on this new, innovative paper tape, here.

3. Tamper-evidence

When it comes to transporting sensitive and expensive goods, a tamper-evident taping solution can do your business wonders. It can help minimise damaged returns, improve safety of handlers/consumers and can even deter criminal activity.

Both gummed paper tape and Reinforced self-adhesive paper machine tape offer a tamper-evident solution. The bond between these tapes and the cartons are incredibly strong, meaning in the attempt to open the box, obvious damage appears - making it clear someone has tampered with your parcel.

4. Temperature tolerance

Unlike plastic, paper tapes have an incredible ability to withstand varying temperatures (both hot and cold). This means the seal doesn’t become lose when exposed to varying temperatures, resulting in less damaged returns.

5. Useful for all sectors

Paper tape can be extremely effective for use in a wide range of sectors. For example, the tamper-evidence protects hindering of sensitive pharmaceuticals, the strength helps secure heavy automotive products, and the temperature tolerance keeps food and beverage goods packaged at the required temperatures.

There are many more applications that paper tape can be utilised in. If you’re wondering how paper tape could help your business, and what paper tape product is best for you, contact us today, we’d be more than happy to assist.

Alternatively, for more information you can read our complete guide on gummed paper tape.

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