Stretch Film

Understanding the different types of stretchwrap

2 mins

Whis so many types of stretch wraps available today how do you know which ones better suit your requirements? Take a look at this brief article for an overview.


Blown stretch films are typically used for heavier irregular loads and applications requiring excellent puncture and tear resistance.

Additives are used to provide excellent cling and superior load stabilisation characteristics, as a result blown stretch films can be noisy as reels are unwound.


Cast stretch films provide a smooth surface with excellent optics, gloss, strength and cling without additives. Cast stretch film is a film that sticks only to itself to prevent products moving while in transit. This pallet wrap is very popular in the food industry. Cast stretch wrap is very versatile.


Pre-stretching involves stretching the film during manufacture. The process can increase the film strength, improve load stability, reduce the volume of stretch wrap film needed and subsequently save on the film cost.

We offer a range of pre-stretched films, designed to achieve optimal pre-stretching results that can be used with machines and in manual application operations.

Key benefits of using pre-stretched films include:

  • Reduced wastage
  • No neck down
  • Faster wrapping
  • Improved health and safety for users

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