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4 ways bespoke packaging can help your business cut costs

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People often interpret the phrase ‘bespoke’ with luxury and expensive, which can be naturally off-putting for businesses looking to reduce packaging costs. However, the reality of bespoke packaging steers far away from luxurious, focusing on the most cost-effective option for your business.

When implemented correctly, bespoke packaging can result in significant cost savings – It’s an investment worth making.

Bespoke packaging. functionality over style.

Bespoke packaging isn’t all about looks, functionality through the technical design is the key to success. When designed well, bespoke packaging can tackle almost any packaging-related cost issue you can think of. Having said that, here at Swiftpak we’ve put together 4 of the most common ways your business can reduce costs with bespoke packaging.

1. Bespoke packaging lowers transport costs

Transport costs are a big overhead for many businesses shipping products daily, so it’s important to focus on reducing this as much as possible.

When it comes to shipping your products, the larger and heavier the box is, the more it’ll cost to deliver. A corrugate box that leaves acres of room around a product requires voidfill upon voidfill to sufficiently close the gaps for maximum protection. This creates an unnecessarily bulky and expensive package to deliver.

Instead, bespoke packaging can be used to create a box that perfectly fits your product. This significantly reduces both the size and weight of your package for a more cost-effective solution. Ultimately, by optimising the packaging, you are reducing the ‘air’ in each package. So how much air are you currently transporting?

2. Bespoke packaging minimises damaged returns

Damaged products cost your business. Both in the way of profits and customer relationships.

Bespoke packaging is designed to fit snug around your product, keeping it securely in place to offer protection where it’s most needed. As a result, products are less likely to become damaged in transit.

There are several circumstances where bespoke packaging is simply a must, and this depends on the type of product you’re shipping. For example, in the precision engineering industry such as the semi-conductor industry, products are typically fragile. When dealing with these products, a standard packaging box and bubble wrap just won’t cut it.

A bespoke design will ensure products receive the protection they deserve, minimising the number of damaged returns you receive. Keeping your damaged returns to a minimum will mean more profits and happier customers. Win, win.

3. Bespoke packaging reduces materials used

Off-the-shelf packaging solutions can often result in a surplus of materials that aren’t needed for sufficient protection. Why pay the premium for extra materials when they’re simply not needed?

A bespoke packaging solution will uncover ways in which materials can be reduced for a more cost-effective solution. But reducing materials does a lot more than just help your business cut costs. Bespoke packaging can help free-up warehouse space for your organisation, creating a more efficient packing process. As well as, reducing the amount of waste your business is creating.

4. Bespoke packaging improves throughput

If your current packaging operation has a low throughput, your cost per pack is likely higher than you’d anticipate. An effective bespoke packaging solution will be designed with the ease of assembly in mind to help speed up the process, lowering your cost per pack. Self-seal closures, innovative cartons and crash-lock bottoms are just a few packaging features your business could be taking advantage of.

Bespoke packaging from the experts

At Swiftpak, we’ve been making the complicated simple for over 40 years. Our bespoke packaging solutions are designed using multi-materials for personalised protection while aiming to reduce complexity. We also offer ISTA certified laboratory testing to ensure your bespoke package is the most cost-effective and efficient solution possible. We provide maximum protection using minimum material.

If you’re looking to revolutionise your packaging operation with bespoke packaging, speak to one of experts today. We’d love to show you how our expertise can impact your business.