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When is the right time to switch packaging supplier?

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It’s no secret, switching from one packaging supplier to another takes work. First of all, there’s the process of approving your new supplier, then there’s the revalidation of bespoke designs, and not to mention the potential delays in your operation.

The fact of the matter is, many businesses chose not to switch suppliers purely based on the reasons we just mentioned. However, there are several circumstances where switching packaging suppliers is more than worth the slight risks that come attached.

Whether you’ve considered switching packaging suppliers for a while, or are wondering what situations could tip the scale in your favour, this article will help you figure out when and why to switch.

1. You’re releasing a new product

If there was ever a perfect time to switch packaging suppliers, it would be with the release of a new product. It’s a great time to start exploring your wider options, and viewing opportunities that alternative suppliers can provide for both your packaging and business. You never know, one suppliers’ capabilities may be perfectly suited to your objectives.

Just like your business versus its close competitors, different suppliers approach things differently. This could be in the form of communication, turn-around times, as well as expertise in design and sector-specific knowledge.

For these reasons, if you’re looking to launch a new product, or entire product line, it’s time to explore a few alternative packaging suppliers.

2. Your expectations aren’t being met

This one’s a fairly obvious point, but sometimes as a business you need to take a step back and think - “are my expectations really being met? It’s easy enough to let one, two, or a few hiccups slide, but don’t let unmet expectations become part of the norm.

Instead of settling for disappointments in your packaging, monitor quality-related issues, delivery times and customer service – they all effect your bottom line.

Now, this isn’t to say mistakes don’t happen and every supplier is perfect (although we like to think we’re pretty close), but poor responses to issues and just a general lack of effort to resolve your queries should be addressed.

In short, your packaging supplier should continue to meet or exceed your expectations, even years after winning your business. Don’t settle for anything less.

3. Your operations are evolving

As your product, operations, and needs evolve, it makes sense that your packaging does too. Whether it be a product design change, an increase in capacity, or something else entirely, consider if your packaging needs to be a part of the transformation as well.

In an ideal world, your existing supplier is able to cater for your needs. But a fresh pair of eyes (and hands) on your current packaging solution can provide a ton of feedback – both positive and negative.

But regardless of the feedback you receive, it can all be taken in a constructive light. Positive feedback will give you the validation needed to know what you currently have is dependable. While any negative feedback may spark ideas for where your packaging can be improved, supporting your business in the long run.

4. You’re looking to go green

A large part of staying relevant in competitive industries is having the ability to offer what your consumers want. And we’re all aware of the demand for green products.

If you’re looking to switch just a few of your packaging solutions, or even your entire range for greener alternatives, now’s the ideal time to do your supplier research. There’s no harm in exploring your green packaging options to get an idea for what’s out there.

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