Avoid the plastic tax with 30% recycled content in packaging

We want to help your business save money. By using packaging products like the below, you'll stay clear of the 30% plastic packaging tax coming April 2022, all whilst your part for the environment too. It's a win, win.

Recycled Mailing Solution

Premium Polypouch Bags

Containing at least 30% recycled content, our Premium Polypouch Bag range is perfect for all your smaller mailing needs. Each bag contains a specially treated surface for excellent label and glue strip adhesions and complies with mail order health and safety regulations.

Premium Polypouch Bags

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Voidfill Packaging

Paper Voidfill Solutions

Containing zero plastic, our complete Paper Voidfill solutions offer ultimate protection in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. View our Voidfill collection and contact our expert team for any advice.

Paper voidfill machine

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Adhesive Tape

SupaTak Paper Tape Solutions

Our compostable and recyclable Paper Packaging Tapes are suitable for frozen product use, offering exceptional performance with a strong 'grab'. View our SupaTak Paper Tape options for all your taping needs.

paper packaging tape

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NEW 30% Recycled Stretch Wraps

Hand Applied & Machine Film

Our new and improved stretch films are now available using 30% recycled content. The perfect solution for avoiding plastic tax whilst bundling products and securing pallets.
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stretch wrap

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stretch wrap calculator

Looking for further ways to reduce plastic usage?

Calculate the impact of your stretch wrap

Utilising the latest technology in film production, MWrap provides a stronger, thinner film than conventional stretch wraps, achieving results of:

  • Up to 40% more productivity
  • Up to 57% cost savings
  • Up to 74% less waste

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