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3 top tips to reduce packaging waste

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Concerns about the impact of packaging on the environment continue to drive discussions on how to reduce packaging waste more effectively.

Packaging accounts for 36% of municipal solid waste and is one of the main users of virgin materials, with 40% of plastics and 50% of paper designated for packing in the EU.

According to Gov.UK in 2021, 63.2% of UK packaging waste was recycled in commercial organisations. While this figure is over half, more effort is still needed to increase the volume of packaging that is recycled. On 30th November 2022, the Commission proposed to revise the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. This review contributes to reaching the objective of the European Green Deal and the new circular economy action plan to ensure that “all packaging on the EU market is reusable or recyclable in an economically viable way by 2030.”

In light of this, we’ll share our 3 top tips to reduce your packaging waste to make your processes more sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient.

Tip 1: Use reusable or recycled content packaging materials

By switching to reusable or recycled content packaging materials, you will be reducing the amount of packaging waste that ends up on landfills.

Since the Plastic Tax came into force in 2022, there has been an increase in packaging using recycled content on the market. By using recycled materials, fewer raw materials are needed, increasing sustainability in the supply chain, and reducing strain on natural resources such as fossil fuels or tree stocks impacted by deforestation.

At Swiftpak, we can help you reduce your impact on the environment with the help of our sustainable packaging products with at least 30% recycled content:

  • Premium Polypouch Bags: made from a very high tear-resistant material. It’s perfect for all small mailing needs.
  • Premium Bubble Wrap: retains air and protection longer than other bubble wrap varieties with a special air retention barrier, used as a cushioning for protecting fragile products.
  • MWrap: our advanced MWrap film is uniquely formulated using the latest technology to maximise protection and optimise material usage. By switching to MWrap, you will also experience up to 60% on cost savings and up to 75% less waste!
  • Edge Protectors: Our re-usable Foam Edge Protectors contain 100% recycled content and provide high impact protection that is vital to protect products such as furniture, shelving, glass, worktops, or doors.
  • PaperPlus Papillon: Made from 100% recycled content, PaperPlus is designed to protect products in small and medium-sized packaging parcels.

To find out more about our recycled content packaging variety, please contact us today for more information!

Tip 2: Reduce the amount of packaging you use

Keeping packaging to a minimal not only reduces the amount of packaging material used, but also decreases the product cost because less energy is needed to manufacture the packaging and its materials. Nobody likes receiving a large, unnecessary package for a small item. Consider using smaller packaging or opting for packaging-free solutions where possible.

At Swiftpak, we offer a full, no obligation packaging audit at your warehouse to gain a deep understanding of your packaging operation and challenges you may face. It’s a great way to make your packaging operations more efficient and even reduce your carbon footprint. Therefore, if you are looking to reduce the amount of packaging waste your business creates, please get in touch with us today.

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Tip 3: Switch to a sustainable packaging supplier

Eco-friendly packaging has been gaining momentum for years now, and its popularity continues to rise. In fact, 86% of consumers among younger generations showed a willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging and 57% of consumers said they were less likely to buy products in harmful packaging, according to a recent survey.

Considering the consumer demand, there is little surprise as to why an increasing number of businesses are also switching to more sustainable packaging materials. To improve on the amount of waste you produce, switch to a packaging supplier with sustainable packaging practices such as those that use biodegradable or recycled materials and focus on using minimal packaging.

By switching to a sustainable packaging supplier such as Swiftpak, you can work with your packaging supplier to find a way to reduce packaging waste throughout the supply chain. Whether that be by collaborating on sustainable packaging designs or by learning more about recycling and composting, receiving help and guidance on how to improve.

Reduce your packaging waste with Swiftpak

In conclusion, reducing packaging waste is an important step in creating a sustainable future. By implementing these three tips, you can reduce your impact on the environment while saving costs and improving efficiency.

As a Certified B Corporation, sustainability is important to us here at Swiftpak, so we are more than happy to help you reduce your packaging waste. Please contact our friendly packaging experts today to find out more about our sustainable packaging solutions.


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