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5 reasons to switch your wholesale packaging needs to Swiftpak

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Looking online for the best wholesale packaging supplier? With an abundance of packaging suppliers to choose from, finding the perfect provider for your business can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task.

Fortunately for you, we understand both the process of finding a new packaging supplier, and exactly what’s involved when it comes to making a smooth change over to avoid disrupting your packaging line.

So, if you’d like to know more about what Swiftpak can offer for your packaging operations (and your business as a whole) continue reading. You never know, we may be the perfect packaging supplier for you.

1. People love us

As a company that focuses on delivering the best service we can, we’re proud to be rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 153 reviews on Trustpilot (Feb 2020).

2. Dedicated account industry experts

When making a purchase through Swiftpak, you’ll have an account handler dedicated to your business that specialises in your industry. This provides you with direct contact to a packaging expert that has the knowledge and experience needed to resolve any of your issues within 4 hours.

On top of this, you can contact your dedicated industry expert however you like. Whether that be through our website chat, WhatsApp or email, we’re always contactable and happy to help. How’s that for service?

3. Innovation

At Swiftpak, we’re continually looking for new, innovative ways to help you get the most from your packaging. Whether that be an introduction of a brand-new product, the integration of packaging machinery, or a clever way to help reduce your carbon footprint, you can be sure we’re constantly looking to improve. If you’d like to find out more about our innovative packaging solutions, take a look at our latest innovations.

4. Ordering features

With the use of our amazing website, you can create an account and take advantage of personalised pricing, permission-based ordering, downloadable reports and lots more. Take a look at a few of our website features:

Approval system & User privileges

With the Swiftpak website, you can set privileges per user within your organisation and have complete control over:

who can place an order, pay for an order and approve/reject an order

who can see prices of products inside their account

These options can be set with our user-based privilege levels inside your account settings.

Waste report

If your business is responsible for handling 50 tonnes of packaging within a calendar year and turn over more than £2 million a year, you’re legally obligated to submit packaging waste reports. Swiftpak make this super easy for you. With a single click of a button, you can generate a waste report that breaks down your plastic, metal, paper and wood usage. If you don’t fall inside this bracket, having the ability to compare your entire packaging waste year by year is still a great insight into your business. Perhaps you want to help sustain the environment and want to cut down on your plastic usage?

Spending report

Would you like a deep insight into how much your business is spending on packaging? If so, good new. Swiftpak can give you a yearly breakdown of your entire packaging spend in the online area that allows you to see spend by employee, location, product and category and then export into your very own spreadsheet, giving you the ability to spot trends.

We understand reports are super useful, so we’re not stopping there. We’re currently working on implementing a ‘top products’ as well as a ‘slowest movers’ report.

5. Packaging audit

We offer free, no obligation packaging audits for everyone!

What will you receive from our packaging audit?

Our packaging experts carry out a full audit at your warehouse and gain a deep understanding of your packaging operation and challenges you face. Following the visit, you’ll receive an overall audit score, broken down within a 4-page report. This will include our proposed solution on how your score can be improved, and will help you achieve:[TB|S1] [MH2] 

·       Up to 57% cost savings

·       Up to 40% increase in productivity

·       Up to 74% less packaging waste

Get a no obligation packaging audit

Swiftpak’s sector expertise

With our 40 years of experience, we’ve worked with many companies in a variety of sectors. We’re extremely familiar with the following sectors and understand the difficulties of each, so have the knowledge needed to provide the very best bespoke packaging solutions.

Pharmaceutical & chemical packaging

Given the nature of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, we understand the importance of protecting medicines, highly sensitive chemicals and delicate medical equipment against tempering. Combining exceptional protection and security with attention to detail, we guarantee you peace of mind.

An example of a packaging product perfect for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry is Zerotape 500. Due to its plastic core, this tape is ideal for use in sterile environments. With Zerotape 500, you don’t need to worry about losing natural fibres in a clean room.

Electronics, IT & Telecoms packaging

With highly valuable electronics that are easily damaged during transit and dirty environments, we understand what it takes to offer the perfect protection. At Swiftpak, we design tamper-evident bespoke boxes to help ensure your products arrive to their destinations safely. This solution is perfect for shipping mobile phones and other valuable electronics.

Automotive & Aerospace packaging

Automotive and aerospace parts must arrive in pristine condition and require unique solutions to guarantee proper care during transport.

A common problem we see amongst the Automotive industry is cracked windscreens during transportation. This is due to insufficient protective packaging and can be resolved with the correct bespoke solution. If this is a problem your business is currently facing, contact Swiftpak today, we have the solution and expertise for you.

Light & Precision Engineering packaging

We understand your light and precision engineering products can be highly delicate and expensive so need maximum protection. At Swiftpak, we design bespoke stratocell inserts in order to protect the fragile elements of your unique products – ideal for packaging applications that require interior cushioning.

Home Products & Construction packaging

At Swiftpak we stock and supply a wide range of packaging products perfect for the Home & Construction industry. Whether you need to bundle items together with our extensive range of strapping, or protect your awkwardly shaped items using our Polythene shrink film sheeting, Swiftpak have the solution for you.

Take a look at how we improved packaging for one of Germany’s leading manufactures of home appliances.

To conclude

If you’re looking for a wholesale packaging supplier that can take your packaging to the next level, get in touch today and speak with an expert. We’ll let you know how we can help you cut costs, increase productivity and reduce your carbon footprint with wholesale packaging.