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5 tips to improve your ecommerce packaging

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The popularity of ecommerce is continuing to grow fast. This means that businesses had to adapt to customers online shopping needs and deliver the superior online experience they expect.

95% of customers said that when buying online, packaging actually impacts their decision over purchasing the product or not.

This emphasises how important packaging truly is and how it should be put at the forefront if you want your business to succeed in ecommerce. Similarly, sustainability is also on the rise and is something younger shoppers in particular care about with 74% of 18–29-year-olds saying it impacts their purchasing choices.

With that being said, in this article we will discuss our 5 top ecommerce packaging tips to ensure that your business can deliver a 5-star ecommerce packaging experience.

Tip 1: Find the right sized ecommerce packaging

The first thing you should do when it comes to ecommerce packaging is making sure the packaging is the correct fit for the product you are trying to ship. For this you need to consider the outer packaging as well as the protection inside. Cardboard remains the most popular choice for shipping as it’s lightweight, sturdy, and can be recycled. It can be used for the outer box but with a bespoke cut out it can also offer protection inside the packaging. Other paper alternatives can also be used for protection such as the popular and new honeycomb wrap.  

The volume and weight of a package can drive-up shipping costs, so it’s best to keep things as small and tight as possible (without compromising the package of course!) After all, when the package is way too big for the product inside, this can create an unpleasant unboxing experience for the consumer as they will be left with a large box in their recycling bin. An overly sized package also doesn’t look good in terms of sustainability and will be off-putting to the conscious consumer.

That brings us to our next tip…

Tip 2: Use innovative and sustainable ecommerce packaging

Sustainability is a big concern for both brand owners and customers.  Ensuring that your ecommerce packaging is environmentally friendly shows to the environmentally conscious customer that you also care about your environmental impact.

74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and more than half of consumers (54%) take sustainable packaging into consideration when selecting a product. So, if you want your product to be chosen against its competitors, then making sure your package is sustainable or as eco-friendly as possible could truly make the difference!

At Swiftpak, since the plastic tax we have included multiple packaging products with at least 30% recycled content. We also recommend:

  • Honeycomb Paper Wrap: An eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Honeycomb Paper Wrap uses die-cut paper technology that delivers excellent performance and has no impact on the environment.
  • Die-cut cartons: A great sustainable postal solution that can be quickly put together. These self-assemble boxes are tough and sturdy with a triple thickness to create added strength.
  • Recycled postal box: We stock a wide range of book wraps to help protect your products. They are available in various sizes and include a self-adhesive closure, security strips, and tear off preformation for easy opening.
  • Premium Bubble Wrap: Our premium bubble wrap is not only good for protection of your ecommerce products during shipment, but it also contains 30% recycled content and is recyclable.
  • PaperPlus Papillon: We stock an extensive range of paper void fill products and machines to help protect your packaged goods from damage in an environmentally friendly way. By using this colourful paper as padding, you can also make the unboxing of your ecommerce product much more satisfying.
ecommerce packaging example

Tip 3: Make your ecommerce packaging design stand out from the crowd

The key to success for any business is to ensure that you are different to the competition, in a way that makes your product stand out against the other options available. In terms of ecommerce, the packaging you use plays an important role in this as the packaging might be the first physical interaction with your brand.

So how can you use ecommerce packaging to create an exceptional brand experience? Well, firstly, having a unique and eye-catching product design is one way to stand out against other similar products online. On top of that, you’ll want to make sure that the packaging is sturdy and able to protect your product during shipment. After all, nothing looks worse on a business than a package turning up damaged, and worse yet, the product not being in the pristine condition expected because of this.

The packaging of the product can really make or break a sale and can make all the difference in whether a customer chooses one of your products again next time or moves on to a competitor. For example, figures show that 70% of consumers form an impression of a brand based on the packaging alone. Similarly in the same survey, 63% of consumers considered packaging almost as crucial as the brand itself. So never underestimate the power of a thoughtfully designed package.

Tip 4: Ensure your ecommerce packaging is easy to open and to return

Have you ever had a delivery where the packaging is really difficult to open? Or even a present where the tape has been over-done to the point you spend ages trying to get it open? Frustrating isn’t it.

A well-designed ecommerce package should be relatively easy for the consumer to open, whilst ensuring that the protection the product needs is not reduced.

Another factor, especially important in the fashion industry, is the option to easily return. Making sure customers can return unwanted items within the same packaging is key for ease as well as for sustainability.

Tip 5: Include freebies in your ecommerce packages!

Who doesn’t like a freebie? 49% of consumers have said they want to receive giveaways in their packages. Whether that be stickers, magnets, or free samples, providing an additional treat in the package will make a long-lasting impression on the consumer.

This ecommerce technique can significantly increase loyalty and motivates repeat purchases. Another way for your business to stand out from the crowd and create a memorable experience that the consumer won’t forget anytime soon!

Ecommerce packaging from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we have the expertise to ensure that your ecommerce packaging creates a positive lasting impression that your consumers won’t forget anytime soon.

In today's world, the growth of your business relies on a suitable protective ecommerce solution and you in turn can rely on our expertise. The optimal packaging solution will depend on your product's shape, size, and weight as well as on the different shipping requirements, warehouse operations and your budget.

Do you need help improving your ecommerce packaging? Contact our packaging experts today and they will be happy to help.