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The benefits of bespoke packaging for your business

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The main objective of packaging is to protect whatever the contents of the package may be. This could be protection against damage during transit, to dirt or moisture in storage, and harsh temperature conditions. Sounds straight forward doesn’t it? But what if we told you there was more to packaging than just the need for protection?

Many packaging suppliers, like Swiftpak, would argue that packaging has another very important aspect – to strengthen and improve your brand recognition. This is where bespoke packaging shines.

Bespoke packaging can not only be used to protect unique products from damage, it can be utilised as an incredible marketing tool.

In this article, we explain why bespoke packaging is so important and how it can benefit your business.

What is bespoke packaging?

Bespoke packaging is custom-designed, unique packaging to your products and brand. It’s seen as an ideal way to showcase the quality of your products as well as market your brand.

Why is bespoke packaging so important?

When dealing with unique products, personalised protection is needed for maximum protection. For example, in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry, products are often very sensitive, and frequently need contamination protection and/or tamper-evident packaging in order to ensure user safety. Therefore, it’s essential the right packaging solution is in place to protect consumers.

What’s more, bespoke packaging gives you the ability to personalise the package you’re sending with your logo, colours or a personal message. Branded packaging is known to have a positive impact on customer experience, especially in the B2C world.

Swiftpak specialise in providing bespoke packaging solutions for products that need personalised protection from transit to POS. Using a range of multi-materials, Swiftpak offer perfect protection while avoiding over-packing to reduce complexity and increase flexibility.

Bespoke packaging benefits

1. Reduced transport costs

With bespoke packaging comes compact designs. This means less vehicle space is taken up during delivery, and thus maximising pallet space. Not only does this help you cut down on transport and fuel costs, you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint too.

2. Reduced damaged returns

As mentioned above, the right packaging solution is needed to prevent products from being damaged during transit. A bespoke packaging solution that is well thought through and carefully designed will give your business the best chance at minimising damaged returns.

3. Improved customer retention

With the use of bespoke packaging, creating a buzz around the unboxing experience can be easy. Adding a personal message or logo can make your customer feel special, helping improve the experience and therefore they’ll be likely to purchase from you again.

If you’re looking for a bespoke packaging supplier to take your packaging to the next level, get in touch with Swiftpak today. We can help you design the most optimised solution for your product requirements.