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The rise of Ecommerce during COVID-19 and the demand for packaging

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Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce and retail businesses are facing new challenges in consumer behaviour, supply chain issues, and their economic situation.

An obvious response we’ve seen is how households and businesses are turning to the internet to purchase their essential items, this limits the need for people to enter public spaces, reducing exposure to the virus. Things like hand sanitiser, other medical supplies, electronics, home products and groceries are all in high demand and are being purchased online more than ever before.

With this increase in demand comes the need to supply. Suitable packaging solutions must be in place to fulfil these shifts in consumer behaviour.

The balance of hygiene and sustainability in packaging

With all aspects of packaging, sustainability goals shouldn’t be forgotten. However, to help manage hygiene concerns, the use of single-use packaging for groceries and parcels shipped by ecommerce suppliers has spiked. For example, the volume of plastic waste generated in Thailand has risen by 15% during COVID-19, even with the country’s recent ban on plastic bags.

So, has your business thought about the need to balance hygiene and sustainability with packaging?

When it comes to ensuring both good hygiene and sustainability for shipping food and pharmaceutical products, PLA packaging is the way to go. PLA is a thermoplastic, meaning it shares hygiene benefits with regular plastics. On top of this, it doesn’t release any toxic fumes when oxygenated, so contamination isn’t a problem here. It’s fully compostable, is generally recognised as safe (GRAS), and has thermal insulating properties. If you’d like to find out more on how we can help you ship food and pharmaceutical products safely during Covid-19, speak to an expert at Swiftpak today.

Increase in demand for Ecommerce packaging

As more and more people begin to order online, ecommerce companies need to ensure packaging supplies are at hand to meet this rise in demand. Yes, ecommerce was popular prior to this global pandemic, but now it’s bigger than ever, and could become our new normal faster than anticipated.

To ensure this rise in online orders are fulfilled, businesses need a reliable packaging company to supply protective solutions that will arrive on time, every time.

Packaging supplies for businesses during and after COVID-19

At Swiftpak, we provide our customer with a range of packaging supplies to ensure ecommerce demands are met. We offer next day delivery via our own fleet of trucks, making sure you receive packaging supplies as and when you need them. With the use of our own trucks, we can adhere to changes in delivery requirements, meaning contact-free deliveries and drop-offs can be arranged to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We also supply Covid-19 essentials to help minimise the risk of spreading. By taking proactive measures to ensure maximum hygiene, your customers will gain peace of mind when ordering online. With products such as anti-bacterial disinfectant spray, anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitiser, gloves, and face masks, we have everything you need to tackle the rise in ecommerce during COVID-19.