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How can packaging help you prepare for the peak season?

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With peak season events such as Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching, the next few months are guaranteed to be busy for businesses. In this article, we will discover how packaging can help you prepare for the rush.

This year Black Friday falls on 27th November, leaving only a short amount of time to launch your eye-catching deals and promotions. As COVID19 has changed customers shopping habits with more people choosing to shop online, it is important now more than ever to make sure that your e-commerce packaging is up to scratch.

At Swiftpak, we have several packaging solutions to help you prepare for the busy sales period.

Gummed paper tape

Gummed tape is an eco-friendly adhesive tape made from natural resources such as paper or potato starch. Its natural glue adhesive which becomes sticky when moistened upon application, means it is strong and fully recyclable.

With the extra added strength that the reinforced gummed paper tape supplies, your valuable products can be transported worry free, so you can feel assured that products will reach customers safe and secure.

By using gummed paper tape, your staff can also save on time as it can be cut to length automatically using an appropriate dispenser. This could be a great product to consider for the peak season due to its strength, and reliability while saving you time.     

Some of the types of gummed paper tape we have available are:

  • Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape: The cross-woven fibre glass between an extra layer of Kraft paper makes the reinforced gummed paper taper incredibly strong, providing your products with the best chance at arriving without being tampered with.
  • Premium Gummed Tape Dispenser: Offering a better experience for the user and being excellent for low volume use, the premium manual gummed paper tape dispenser offers a seamless “pull-and-tear” experience due to the superior design. They do not require electricity, so these dispensers are worth considering if transportability is important or electricity is not available.
  • Alternative to Gummed Paper Tape: Reinforced Self-Adhesive Paper Tape provides a cleaner work space, consistent seals to your package and less waste. No need for expensive water-based machinery while it has the same protection as gummed paper tape.

For more information on our range of paper tape products, take a look at our ultimate guide to gummed paper tape. Alternatively, contact our sales team today at to find out more.

Machine Applied Stretch Wrap (MWrap)

Additionally, at Swiftpak, we recommend semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrap machines for wrapping products. Wrapping pallets manually can be time consuming and physically demanding, sometimes causing repetitive strain injuries. Therefore, investing in a machine could be a way to maintain excellent time management ready for the peak season.

MWrap utilises the latest technology in film production providing reinforced, stronger film that is thinner than conventional micron measured films.

As you will see in the video provided, our M-Wrap is up to 40% more productive than the standard machine wrap, saving you on time and up to 57% cost savings! It also saves up to 74% less waste, making it a definite worthy investment for any business ready for the upcoming peak season.

Need to know more about our different types of stretch wrap? You can either read more about the products in our stretch wrap guide, or of course, get in touch with our packaging experts.


Stocking up on protective packaging well in advance of Black Friday and the festive season, will help ensure that you keep on top of your orders by having everything you need in stock ready for the demand. Protective packaging is a must-have for any business, as it will keep your customers happy when they receive their product well-protected and without damage, giving them the confidence to use your company again.

At Swiftpak, one of our examples of protective packaging is voidfill. Voidfill is designed to protect your packaged goods from damage through movement in transit. We stock a variety of voidfill packaging to suit the needs of your packaging operation, from airbags to environmentally friendly paper voidfill.

  • Paperplus Papillon: a machine that creates paper padding to protect packaged goods in small and medium sized parcels. Almost any packaging problem can be solved efficiently with paper padding. The paper is now also available in multiple colours, giving your packaging that wow-effect.
  • Voidfill Air Bags: Our wide range of airbags are excellent for filling every gap in your packaging, securing it safer whilst protecting it from damage.
  • Foam-in-place: Convenient and time saving, these protective foam bags can be activated straight out of the box and require no additional equipment. Each packet expands in seconds to form custom-fit cushions, so your customer receives your product damage free, in a neat and professional package.

Busy sales periods are your chance to convert one-time buyers to long-term customers, so it is important to re-evaluate the packaging you use in order to impress! If you’d like to learn more about the packaging solutions you could be using to thrive in the peak season, contact our packaging experts today: