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Preventing damage, saving costs: How ShockWatch labels safeguard your shipments

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When it comes to shipping and logistics, ensuring that goods reach their destination as expected, is crucial. As a business, any damage incurred to products during transit can lead to financial losses, a damaged reputation, and dissatisfied customers.

However, preventing such mishaps can be challenging, especially when packages undergo various handling stages across different modes of transportation.

Fortunately, this is where ShockWatch labels come into play. Offering a proactive solution to deter, detect, and diagnose the damage of shipments, here’s all you need to know about ShockWatch labels.

What are ShockWatch Labels?

ShockWatch labels are innovative devices designed to detect and record potentially damaging impacts that occur during the handling and transportation of goods. These labels are equipped with advanced technology that reacts to impacts, providing visible evidence of mishandling. When exposed to excessive force, ShockWatch labels activate, highlighting potential damage and prompting immediate attention to the affected shipment.

How do ShockWatch Labels work?

The operation of ShockWatch labels is simple yet highly effective. Each label contains a sensitive mechanism that reacts to changes in acceleration or impact. When subjected to force beyond a determined threshold, the label undergoes a permanent change.

The ShockWatch label is a mechanically activated device that immediately triggers a bright red colour when dropped beyond a pre-assigned threshold. This serves as indisputable evidence that the package has experienced rough handling during transit.

Benefits of ShockWatch Labels

1. Damage prevention

By acting as a visual deterrent, ShockWatch labels encourage package handlers to use caution when dealing with packages. The presence of these labels reminds personnel to handle shipments with care, reducing the likelihood of rough treatment and subsequent damage.

2. Cost savings

ShockWatch labels are a cost-effective alternative to the use of data loggers. By assigning individual packages with their own impact label, detecting damage early on allows for prompt action to be taken. By addressing issues in a timely manner, businesses can minimise losses associated with damaged goods, insurance claims, and customer refunds, ultimately saving significant costs in the long run.

3. Liability protection

ShockWatch labels provide concrete evidence of mishandling, which is particularly crucial in the 'last mile' of delivery, where goods are most vulnerable. This evidence is invaluable when resolving disputes with carriers or insurance claims. With clear documentation of when and where the impact

occurred, businesses can protect themselves from unwarranted liability and hold responsible parties accountable for any damages.

This is extremely beneficial from a logistics insurance point of view, where the ability to pinpoint the exact point of damage can streamline the claims process and ensure fair compensation.

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Exploring the impact thresholds of ShockWatch Labels

ShockWatch labels come in various configurations, each designed to detect and respond to specific levels of impact force. These labels are named based on the magnitude of acceleration or G-force they can withstand before activation (between 5G – 75G). So, understanding the different types of ShockWatch labels ensures that the most suitable option is chosen per shipment.

  • ShockWatch 5G (Pink)
  • ShockWatch 10G (Teal)
  • ShockWatch 15G (Blue)
  • ShockWatch 25G (Yellow)
  • ShockWatch 37G (Purple)
  • ShockWatch 50G (Red)
  • ShockWatch 75G (Orange)

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Implementing ShockWatch Labels

Integrating ShockWatch labels into your supply chain is a straightforward process that offers immediate benefits. These labels can be easily fixed to packages of various types and sizes, providing coverage across a range of shipments.

ShockWatch labels can also be complemented with additional monitoring technologies, such as temperature indicators, tilt detectors, and RFID tags, to ensure the integrity of sensitive goods throughout the entire transportation process.

ShockWatch impact labels from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we offer a comprehensive range of ShockWatch impact labels tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you require protection for delicate electronics, fragile glassware, or heavy machinery parts, our extensive selection ensures that you can find the perfect solution for your shipping requirements.

Protect your shipments, safeguard your reputation, and save costs with ShockWatch impact labels. Contact us today to discover how we can supply a solution to fit your specific needs and take your packaging solution to the next level.