Protecting Supply Chains

Visible and connected ShockWatch labels are used throughout the supply chain to deter and detect damage through impacts. This new product range has all you need to detect, or even prevent, costly damage to shipments and equipment.



The knowledge that cargo is actively being monitored deters bad handling behaviour by supply chain participants.



Connected monitoring enables real-time damage detection so costs are minimized, and responsible parties are held accountable.



Analytics provided by shipment monitoring enable the diagnosis and elimination of pain points within the supply chain.

Shockwatch 2

ShockWatch 2
From £1.97 per unit.

Determine if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage with ShockWatch 2 impact indicators. Impacts above the threshold release a mass that is coloured red.

  • Unique identifier for each to support traceability
  • Field-armable & tamper-proof
  • 5G - 75G impact thresholds

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ShockWatch RFID

ShockWatch RFID
From £4.13 per unit.

Combining traditional RFID inventory management with impact-damage monitoring, managers can use their existing ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID infrastructure to Deter, Detect, and Diagnose damage throughout the supply chain. It's a passive UHF RFID tag that can communicate an impact to an RFID reader without the need for visual inspection. 

  • RFID enabled impact detector
  • Easy add on to RFID programs 
  • No batteries or wires required 

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From £2.83 per unit.

A cost-effective solution with the largest indicator window for determining mishandling, alerting handlers that your package requires extra care and reducing damage-related costs.

  • Sensitivity range of 25 - 100G
  • QR code to verify authenticity
  • Suitable for a wide scope of applications

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ShockWatch RFID

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A garage door manufacturer was dealing with a large number of costly returns because due to damage in transit. Here's how ShockWatch was used to identify and eliminate damage.

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ShockWatch RFID

Highly sensitive fabrication equipment and silicon wafers can be easily damaged in transit if the right protective packaging solution is not in place. Discover how ShockWatch RFID identified weak points in this packaging solution.

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ShockWatch RFID

A typical server rack cabinet can hold 42 1’ servers, each costing $10,000-$20,000 a piece. Discover how high tech equipment can be delivered in pristine condition with the use of ShockWatch RFID.

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