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How to create successful direct-to-consumer packaging

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Packaging can make a real impact on how customers see your brand. Brands in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) market are now being more innovative than ever with their packaging, hoping to deliver an experience as they want to give customers more than just a product.

So how can you create a successful direct-to-consumer package? In this article we will be exploring direct-to-consumer packaging and how you can use packaging to make a real positive impact on your customer’s experience.

What is direct-to-consumer packaging?

Let’s start with the basics. Direct to Consumer is an e-commerce strategy that allows manufacturers and CPG (consumer-packaged-goods) brands to sell directly to the customer via online platforms. This means it bypasses the conventional method of going through a retailer or reseller to ensure your product is on the market.

Going for direct-to-consumer instead of the more conventional approach has many advantages, some of these include:

  • It eliminates the barrier between producer and consumer, giving the producer greater control over its brand, reputation, marketing, as well as sales tactics.
  • By having direct contact with the customer, the company will have a better understanding of their customers making it easier to learn what they like and dislike. With D2C packaging, companies are able to gain access to more targeted customer data.
  • Direct-to-consumer packaging allows more room for product testing and a higher control over profits.

Direct-to-consumer packaging and memorable unboxing

With unboxing videos skyrocketing in popularity on YouTube (129 million web-page references!) It’s more important than ever to make sure your direct-to-consumer packaging is effective and benefits your brand.

With direct-to-consumer products, the packaging becomes like the storefront and so it needs to be eye-catching and help the product to stand out. Therefore, to make a positive impact on your customer and create that desired brand loyalty, it is crucial that the packaging creates a fun and effortless unboxing experience.

Try using paper trays or well-structured recyclable boxes that perfectly fit the product as this can make your product look neat and secure. It’s also important to remember to keep it simple by not going overboard with the protective packaging inside (such as void fill). No customer wants to deal with all that extra waste, especially if they are more eco-conscious as they will then see your packaging as unsustainable too.

The perfect example of great packaging would be the Apple iPhone box. It is simple, well structured, and fits the products inside.

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Durable direct-to-consumer packaging

A down-side to direct-to-consumer products is that there will be more delivery touchpoints, and this increases the risk of customers receiving a damaged product. Luckily, this can be avoided by ensuring that you choose durable packaging materials and structures that will protect the product during the transportation process.

At Swiftpak, we know how important it is to ensure that your products remain well protected until they reach the customer. Not only can we design your package for you with our in-house designer, but we can have it laboratory tested (ISTA certified) to ensure maximum protection with minimum material.

We have a wide range of protective packaging solutions, including coloured Voidfill that is designed to protect your packaged goods from movement in transit. We supply everything from airbags to foam chips and environmentally friendly paper void fill. To find out more, contact us today!

Direct-to-consumer sustainable packaging

While it’s important to make sure your packaging protects products how it should, it’s of equal importance to ensure you do not use too much as the consumer would then see your brand as wasteful.

Using the right amount of packaging to protect your items, while using sustainable packaging materials as much as you can, will create a positive impact on your brand. Customers are becoming increasingly more concerned about their environmental impact and like to purchase from companies who show they care just as much. In a recent survey, 67% of respondents considered eco-friendly practices in their purchase decisions and 51% said they are willing to pay an extra 10% or more for eco-friendly shipping and packaging. This shows how important sustainability is becoming in the eyes of the consumer, so to be a successful direct-to-consumer brand it’s crucial to keep up with what your customers are needing.

As a Certified B Corporation, at Swiftpak we really care about our impact on the environment and take pride in helping you reduce waste and look at more eco-friendly options without breaking the bank. We do this by providing free automated packaging waste reports, as well as partnering up with Ecologi to plant trees and allow our customers to offset their paper packaging waste in just a few clicks. Customers can also print badges onto boxes to show their customers that they are doing their bit for the environment. On top of that, this year we launched our stretch wrap calculator so that our customers can spare 2 minutes to complete a few questions and find out exactly how much plastic and costs their business can save.

To find out more about our sustainable packaging solutions, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

Create the perfect direct-to-consumer packaging with Swiftpak

If you are looking to create a memorable direct to consumer packaging design that is sustainable and ensures your items stay well protected to build that desired loyalty with customers, please contact us today and we will ensure your packaging is in line with your brand and consumer expectations.