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How to get your packaging design ecommerce ready

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The demand for ecommerce packaging solutions to handle shipping and logistics has experienced a drastic increase in popularity over the past year. Even though there is a large increase, how much time needs to be spent on designing the right ecommerce packaging?

Customers often make their first impressions based on the packaging they receive, making it crucial for brands to create a positive packaging experience to maintain their customer’s loyalty.

In this article, we will be looking at all the ways you can make sure your packaging design is ready for ecommerce.

Protective and functional ecommerce packaging

One of the most significant factors is to consider the safety and condition of your product. According to ‘Packaging for New Era of E-Commerce’ by Bemis, when a shipment is delayed, lost, or damaged, 41% of consumers feel that the brand is negatively impacted. Almost as many said that it also affects their loyalty to the brand. Nobody wants their product delivered broken or un-useable, that is why it is vital to ensure your packaging provides solid protection, taking into consideration the whole transport journey.

To keep items protected, anything that requires special handling instructions should be clearly labelled to avoid any breakage.

Packaging will also fall flat with customers if it is not functional. When you are putting your design together, make sure to clearly communicate the vision you have for your design and how you need it to function to your designer. This can be done by either showing the products it can contain, or by handing over a diagram example.

At Swiftpak, we know how important it is to keep your valuable products protected. We would recommend our extensive range of paper void fill products and machines that help protect your goods from damage throughout transit - and in an environmentally friendly way!

  • Paperplus papillon machine: creates paper padding to protect packaged goods in small and medium parcels. The machine rental is free subject to a minimum order of 10 boxes of fanfold paper a month.
  • Hexcel wrap: eliminates damage during transportation with exceptional protection. It reduces pack times, reduces breakages, and is eco-friendly with 100% recyclable and biodegradable material.
  • Paper void fill: this range includes fanfold black and white paper and fanfold kraft paper, and various colours such as yellow, red, or green that will make your package stand out.
Ecommerce Unboxing

Make your ecommerce packaging stand out

Did you know that according to Dotcom Distribution, 52% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase when orders include premium ecommerce packaging? By using innovative, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing techniques, you can ensure that your packaging design stands out and strengthens your brand recognition. 

For example, in ‘The Hidden Persuaders’ by Vance Packard, a study was conducted with detergent boxes each in a different colour. One box was predominantly yellow, another blue, and the third was blue with splashes of yellow. In the reports, the subjects overwhelmingly favoured the detergent in the box with mixed colours. Even though the detergents inside were all identical!

This shows that although a pretty box does not make the detergent work better, it subconsciously created more of an impact on customers and made the detergent stand out more than the rest.

How to create that memorable unboxing experience

If you are looking to make your packaging to be memorable and effective, it needs to be more than just the ‘pretty’ box. When deciding on your box designs, it is important to thoroughly explore the ways you can make the package experience exciting for your customers. Answering these following brainstorming questions can help:

  • How can you create a sense of anticipation for your customers with the packaging?
  • Can you make the experience more luxurious, unique, and fun?
  • Are there any small touches you can add to make the unboxing experience more memorable?

Packaging can help customers feel more excited about what is inside and having a design that lingers in their mind will mean they are more likely to remember your brand and purchase again.

Ecommerce packaging costs

A downside to customised ecommerce packaging are the associated costs. When designing your packaging, it is crucial to base this on the order size and profit margins. Although custom boxes and mailers tend to be the most expensive, the use of custom boxes really contributes to the experience your customer has with your brand.

If you feel that your products do not need the protection of a box, choosing lighter packaging can help you save on total costs. Reducing the size of the packaging you use will also help your business to align with more eco-conscious customers as it will equal less waste.

At Swiftpak, we have a range of corrugated envelopes that include standard and heavy-duty as well as white and brown mailing envelopes. All have self-adhesive closure for increased efficiency and ease. We would recommend Suprawell Standard as it has a variable filling height to 25mm and ensures safe mailing and easy handling.

Ecommerce ready packaging

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can ensure that your packaging design is ready for ecommerce. If you would like to know more about the ecommerce products we have available, our packaging experts will be happy to help you.