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The psychology behind luxury packaging: How design influences consumer perception

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Ever wondered why you’re drawn to certain items when shopping? Do you find yourself picking things up just because they look interesting? You’re not alone. Companies use luxury packaging to make their products seem more appealing, exclusive, and unique amongst their competitors. And it really works. People are willing to pay more for something that comes in a fancy box, it’s just how our brains work.

But what’s the psychology behind luxury packaging and how does design influence our perception? In this article, we explore just that.

Defining luxury packaging

Luxury packaging takes ordinary product packaging and takes it to the next level. Often with the use of high-quality materials, unique shapes, and intricate details to create a memorable and luxury feel. The aim of luxury packaging is to create a sense of excitement and anticipation that reinforces the perception of the brand at a high-end or exclusive level.

The psychology behind luxury packaging

Beyond its pretty colours and shapes, luxury packaging is based on the principles of perception, emotion, and motivation - all of which contribute to our purchasing decisions.


The way a product is presented influences our perception of its value. When something is packaged in a luxurious way, our brains perceive it as being of higher quality and more valuable than something that comes in a plain or basic package. We associate luxury packaging with exclusivity and prestige, which adds to the perceived value of the product.


Luxury packaging also taps into our emotions. It creates a sense of excitement, pleasure, and indulgence, which makes us feel good about the purchase we’re making. This emotional connection can create a sense of loyalty to the brand, as customers want to experience that positive feeling over, and over again.


Luxury packaging also has the power to motivate us into making a purchase. The packaging design can create a sense of urgency or desire, pushing us to make a purchase decision in the moment, even if we don’t need it. When a product is packaged in a way that stands out from its competitors, it can create a feeling of exclusivity that motivates us to make a purchase, even if it comes at a higher price point.

The impact of luxury packaging on consumer behaviour

We’ve explored how design and luxury packaging can make us feel, but what impact does this have on our purchasing behaviour as consumers? Well, research shows that 72% of respondents say their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design. Similarly, 61% of people say they are more likely to repeat a purchase if it comes in premium packaging.

As a business, great packaging can be the difference between your product and your competitor’s product being selected. If you’re selling jewellery, perfume, clothing, or any other luxury products, you’ll know that quality and branding is the name of the game. Customers will be spending more than usual when purchasing a premium product, so everything about it must justify the spend, all the way through to the packaging.

Luxury packaging is an easy and impactful way of telling customers they made the right purchase, and to keep them coming back as a loyal customer.

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Examples of effective luxury packaging

This couldn’t be a complete article on luxury packaging without showing a few examples that hit the mark. Popular products that people often associate with their luxury packaging include Apple’s sleek and minimalist approach, as well as Tiffany’s iconic blue jewellery boxes and Louis Vuitton’s patterned packaging. Each of these brands have successfully created a unique and memorable experience that reinforces their luxury brand image for a sense of exclusivity that customers desire.

Rimmel London

Another example includes Rimmel London and their standout mascara packaging design. Much like the Rimmel brand, this unique pyramid case really makes a statement. Combined with the pink, white and black finishes, the case is executed in a slick and elegant fashion that you would instantly associate with high-end, premium quality.

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This luxury presentation box by Cartier is a perfect example of true brand representation. The vibrant red Cartier colour and gold metallic foil detailing is as luxury as it gets.

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Roe & Co

Irish whisky brand, Roe & Co, combine luxury with their innovative, hand-crafted bamboo box design. Created with re-purposing in mind, the front panel of the box slides out to double up as a cocktail preparation board. Here, both practicality and aesthetics combine for a truly unique experience.

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Luxury packaging from the experts at Swiftpak

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