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5 steps to creating luxury packaging for your brand

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Whether you’re an online business or have products placed in retail stores, product packaging design plays a vital role in the success of your sales. Not only can it help to secure the interest of potential customers, but it can help to further reinforce your brand amongst any strong competition. That is, when implemented successfully.

Exceptional products deserve exceptional packaging, and that’s why many brands turn to luxury packaging (also known as presentational packaging) to give their product the attention it deserves. Here at Swiftpak, we help our customer’s products stand out and leaving a lasting impression of refinement and style. So as leaders in our field, we’ve put together a useful guide that brands can follow. Read on as we explore the 5 steps to creating luxury packaging.

1. Review your product

When it comes to luxury packaging, every detail is important. From the weight of the packaging, through to the colours used, materials, and shape. A successful solution will have each and every detail down to a tee in order to support the goals of the brand and protect the product simultaneously.

To achieve this, you first need to dive deep into your product. Make a list of its qualities, its size, number of items, and weight, which can all be used as a reference point when working on your luxury packaging. Doing so will make sure the packaging not only meet the needs of your customers, but the shipping conditions and business objectives.

2. Think about your customers

Once you’ve created a clear picture of the product you wish to package, the next important step involves pairing it with the analysis of your target audience and customer personas. You can look at demographics such as age and location, as well as how much they are willing to pay for your products and how they will dispose of the packaging.

Your luxury packaging must of course grab the attention of your target audience, whilst ensuring it lists the important pieces of information. It should convince customers they have made the right choice by purchasing your product.

3. Align with your businesses branding

Like all collateral associated with your business, you want your packaging to match. It should coincide with your branding for a consistent message.

Because of this, you’ll likely have a selection of brand colours, fonts, patterns, and imagery to give you an idea of direction.

This is extremely important when selling your products online. Users should have a seamless experience right from when they first enter your website, through to their package arriving at its intended destination.

Luxury packaging example

4. Consider your sales channels

One thing that cannot be overlooked when creating your luxury packaging is the sales points you’re using. For instance, your product may be placed in supermarkets, online stores, and your own website. Visualise how the product may look next to your competitors. Does it stand out? Does it appeal to the audience you aim to sell it to? Does it give your product the attention it deserves?

For businesses wanting to sell their product both online and offline, your luxury packaging solution must be developed in a way that suits these different environments. For in store sales, customers can physically handle the product and inspect it, giving them a real sense of the quality. Online shoppers aren’t able to do this, meaning your packaging must work extra hard to make a good impression once the order arrives at their doorstep.

5. Consult with a luxury packaging expert

By taking the above points into consideration, you should have a solid understanding of the criteria your luxury packaging needs to meet. If you understand your product, have insight into your customers, and identify the small details that matter, you’ll be on the right track to creating a successful luxury packaging solution.

However, you’ll want some help along the way. In order to achieve a successful luxury packaging solution, the input and guidance from an experienced packaging supplier is a must. By working alongside your team to trash out the finer details, produce concepts, samples, and testing, a luxury packaging supplier will support brand and help attract the right audience through design.

Remember, customers expect more from high-end brands. When they buy from premium businesses, they anticipate luxury at each point of contact. Luxury packaging materials are an integral part of your brand identity and will help keep your clients wanting to experience that sense of importance again, and again.

Enhance your brand with luxury packaging from Swiftpak

Want to know more about building a successful luxury packaging solution? Looking for expert advice and consultancy for your luxury packaging? Then get in touch with our team at Swiftpak today. From memorable design, through to prototype and quality samples, we’re here to guide you through every stage of the luxury packaging process, ensuring your brief turns into a distinguished reality.

For more on what we can offer, visit our luxury packaging page. We’d love to hear from you and are standing by to answer any questions you have.