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Top Presentation Packaging Hacks

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The importance of packaging should never be underestimated as it is often the first glimpse that a potential customer has of your product.

When a customer has the choice between a number of different products that are all very similar, it is often the presentation packaging that wins the sale.

A national survey conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board and IPSOS showed that 7 in 10 (72%) of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision. 67% also agreed that when selecting which products to buy, they were often influenced by the material it was packaged in. Many of the participants in the survey seemed to prefer packaging made from paper or cardboard over other materials due to it being re-usable and high quality.

The survey results show how the package presentation truly does help when a customer is choosing between your product and a competitors.

In this article, we will be providing the top tips for presentation packaging to ensure that yours is a success!

Presentation packaging hack 1: Maintain consistent branding

It’s important to keep your branding consistent to ensure it is memorable and recognizable to the consumer. If you keep the brand design consistent, customers will see the product and think of your company, it will also help to keep the design in their minds when it comes to their next purchase. After all, consumers feel more confident buying something that has a feel of familiarity, it gives them a sense that your brand is well established and trustworthy.

Special printing techniques can be used these days to enhance the look of packaging. They can be made in unique and stylish ways by selecting different colour combinations and shapes. The more distinctive the packaging of your products looks, the better response you will get from customers.

It’s important to remember though that different printing options attract different target audiences, so make sure that you have a clear idea of who your target audience is and what colours and shapes would be best suited for them. Once you have chosen the printed colours of your package, it’s best to stick to that one theme to make it easier to build your brand identity.

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Presentation packaging hack 2: Choose the right materials

If you choose good quality protective packaging materials, potential customers that see the package will believe that the product it contains is of good quality too. Nobody wants to choose a product that arrives in packaging that is susceptible to breakages and tears, or just looks as if not enough care was taken to make the package look as good as the product itself.

When designing your presentation packaging, it’s worth choosing materials that are biodegradable and kinder to the environment as customers are increasingly becoming more aware of their environmental impact and it’ll make your brand look even better if it reinforces that you care about the environment as well.

Tip 3: Ensure your presentation packaging displays a clear message

When it comes to packaging design, while the ‘less is more’ approach is important, it’s crucial to not forget your brand’s key message that will grab the customers attention. Any messaging on the packaging about the product inside should be short and straight to the point, too much information on a box to read can be daunting.

To make good use of your brand’s unique selling points, present the key information in different levels on the package to emphasize their importance and keep the customer interested. Feel free to be creative with it, just try to avoid lengthy texts and focus on making it punchy and eye-catching.

Even just placing your logo that represents your brand and product, and perhaps adding a few words to sum up the product, can be effective enough for presentation packaging success.

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