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Wholesale packaging: The complete guide from Swiftpak

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If shipping products is part of your company’s business model, you’ll need a secure and cost-effective wholesale packaging supplier to keep your supply chain running smoothly.

Whether you’re buying in bulk to receive discounts or ordering in small quantities, your wholesale packaging must:

  • Protect your products from damage during shipment
  • Offer a cost-effective solution for your business
  • Be available to order and arrive when needed

To achieve the above, you must find the right wholesale packaging supplier for your business. But that’s easier said than done. Here are a few points to help you choose the right wholesale packaging supplier for your business.

How to choose a wholesale packaging supplier

  • Compare product range and quality of packaging products available.
  • Read about their expertise online. What can they bring to your business?
  • Consider delivery times from point of order. Is next day delivery essential for your business?
  • Evaluate the level of customer service you should expect to receive through reviews. Do they resolve customer issues (if any)?
  • Assess pricing. Although it shouldn’t be the be all and end all, find a supplier that offers cost-effective packaging. Your packaging supplier shouldn’t just focus on the obvious costs (like the packaging itself), but the hidden costs too. There are several factors that affect costs, such as the speed and productivity of your packaging operation, delivery charges based on the size and weight of your packaging, and more.
  • Discover their sector expertise. Do they specialise in offering packaging for your industry? Choosing a packaging supplier that knows the ins and outs of packaging for your industry will ensure effective solutions for your requirements. 

For further guidance on choosing the right packaging supplier for your business, take a look at one of our recent blogs: 5 Things to consider when choosing your packaging supplier.

With that said, let’s dive into the Swiftpak guide on wholesale packaging.

Wholesale packaging boxes

With packaging boxes, one size doesn’t fit all. You need to consider the strength, size and price of the box, as well the product’s weight, shape and size you’re going to package. This ensures an effective packaging box is selected for your operations.

Cardboard boxes are made from corrugate board with a liner on both the inside and outside of the fluting. The strength of the box depends on the combination of the size of fluting and weight of paper.

A benefit that comes with using cardboard boxes is the versatility in sizes and strengths available. Need a lightweight and low-cost solution? A single-wall carton will be perfect for you. On the other hand, a double-wall carton offers a higher level of protection often needed for more valuable, fragile or heavier products.

For the automotive and electronics industry, double wall cartons are often the way to go. Typically, products from these industries are both expensive and delicate, so a stronger foundation is required to ensure maximum protection.

Adhesive tape

When deciding on an adhesive tape solution, there are many points that need to be considered. Are you looking for a tamper-evident solution? A tape that will perform in extreme weather and temperature conditions? Or a standard tape sufficient for short delivery times? Tapes have come a long way, and there are many different types available, all with their own unique benefits.

To ensure an effective taping solution is put in place for your packaging, we recommend speaking with a packaging expert. At Swiftpak, we have over 30 years experience recommending and supplying packaging to help improve operations. Speak to one of our experts today and find out which adhesive tape is best suited to you. Alternatively, take a look at our Swiftpak guide to adhesive tape for more information.

Protective packaging

To maximise the chances of your products arriving in immaculate condition, protective packaging must be considered. There are several ways to protect your products during transit and storage, using a variety of protective packaging products and materials.

From void fill, to bubble wrap, to edge guards and paper sheets, your protective packaging solution should be chosen based on the product you’re shipping. For example, delicate and small products will benefit hugely from a void fill solution, whether that be paper, air bags, or foam-in-place. Whereas, a larger and heavier item may benefit from corner and edge protectors.

All in all, your protective packaging solution needs to be well thought through and may need a bespoke solution to guarantee maximum protection. Before purchasing your wholesale protective packaging, consult with an experienced packaging supplier for peace of mind.

For more information on protective packaging supplies available, read our guide to choosing the right protective packaging for your business.

Stretch wrap

All stretch wrap is the same, right? Wrong. To secure your pallets, you can choose from machine applied or hand applied stretch wrap, and at different sizes and thicknesses too.

For busy, fast-paced packaging operations, a machine applied stretch wrap will increase productivity, reduce waste, and save costs. You also need to consider whether blown, cast or pre stretch wrap is right for your business. But that’s easier said than done. So, to help you make the correct decision, we’ve produced a guide to understanding the different types of stretch wrap.

Think green packaging

Before purchasing your wholesale packaging supplies, think about the environment. Is this packaging product recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable? Could I swap this packaging product for a more eco-friendly alternative? How sustainable is this packaging product, and what about its carbon footprint? These are just a few questions to ask yourself and your packaging supplier before making your purchase.

At Swiftpak, we take responsibility in helping protect our environment, and offer green packaging solutions to help our customers do the same. By offering a range of sustainable products, helping you reduce waste, and generating you packaging waste reports, we can help your business become greener with packaging.

To conclude

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale packaging supplies or need help deciding which wholesale packaging supplies will benefit your business, contact Swiftpak today, we’d love to help.