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Why you should consider bespoke packaging for your business

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Did you know that consumers generally form their impression of a brand within 7 seconds? Research has shown that businesses that pay attention to their packaging report see at least a 30% increase in consumer interest.

Bespoke packaging not only helps to create the right first impression but on top of that is often more cost-effective as it allows for better protection which maximises distribution and sales increases.

Since Covid-19, there has been an upsurge in brands offering bespoke packaging solutions, taking both their design and sustainability to the next level. In this article, we will discuss the benefits bespoke packaging can bring to your brand and why you should consider it for your business.

1.  First impressions of your packaging counts

Bespoke packaging can really make the difference between customers buying your product instead of a competitor’s product. Bespoke packaging instantly can make your product look and feel special and will add a positive edge to your customers overall experience. After all, consumers who receive a perfectly packaged item are more likely to remember your brand over those who deliver just a plain cardboard box.

When a customer really values the packaging they receive, sometimes the first thing they do is share on social media. It’s a trend called “unboxing” in which influencers create “unboxing” videos to show off their latest hauls and this can lead to a huge increase in sales for that brand as their products are shown to many more potential customers online.

This means beautifully designed bespoke packaging is a great way to encourage user-generated content to further promote your brand online.

electronics bespoke packaging

2.  Bespoke packaging can be made to fit your product to reduce damage

One of the many benefits of bespoke packaging is that it can be made to fit your product perfectly. This will result in the product remaining secure within the packaging and properly protected from damage.

If the packaging has too much unneeded space inside, it will increase the chances of the item inside becoming damaged as it will move around in an uncontrolled manner, particularly during the transportation process. By opting for bespoke packaging, you will be reducing the chances of damage.

Having a correct sized box not only reduces the chances of damage, it can also reduce excess material waste and contributes to reducing your carbon footprint. Most boxes are fitted to the product so they can be easily stacked and means that more packaged products can be fit into fewer vehicles, further creating a positive impact on a company’s carbon footprint.

Corrugated cardboard in which bespoke packaging is often made from, allows consumers to be creative with their uses of corrugated packaging due to its versatility, strength, and reusability. At Swiftpak, we have an in-house packaging designer that can look at the technical packaging design and help bring your packaging to the next level. If interested, please contact us today to find out more!

3.  Bespoke packaging is great for building brand awareness

Every business that exists should focus on branding because if you can build a strong, well-known brand around your business, it will be easier to build a strong customer base as well. By using plain cardboard boxes, you will find it very difficult to build that strong brand around your business.

If you want your packaging to be memorable for your customers, make sure it aligns with your brand guidelines, as the more consistent your design is, the more recognisable it will be. Some businesses tend to only print their logo on the packaging if they already have a strong brand identity where customers are familiar with their logo. But if this is not the case for your business, it’s a great opportunity to be creative and come up with a unique design including your brand colours and fonts.

4.  Bespoke packaging can be eco-friendly

With bespoke packaging, you will have complete freedom over the packaging design and the materials used.

We now live in a world where consumers worry about the negative impact they create on the environment and so eco-friendly packaging is increasing in popularity. For example, research has shown that 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and 68% associate plastic with ocean pollution and try to avoid it.

Supplying bespoke eco-friendly packaging can increase your overall sales volume as people concerned about minimising their negative impact on the environment, would happily purchase your product if they see that the packaging is sustainable. Providing eco-friendly packaging will also improve your business reputation as customers are wanting to purchase from brands that are committed to the protection of the environment. By providing eco-friendly packaging, you will be showing your customers and prospects that you care about the impact your packaging has on the world we live in.

Bespoke packaging from Swiftpak

Through the use of bespoke packaging, customers will get the right impression of your brand and this will increase the chances of them purchasing products from your business in the future.

At Swiftpak, we design bespoke packaging solutions using multi-materials for your high-value products that need personalised protection. Not only do we design your packaging for you, but we can also have it laboratory tested (ISTA certified). Please feel free to contact our packaging experts today for more information on the bespoke packaging solutions we provide.