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4 reasons why you should switch to honeycomb paper wrap

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Bubble Wrap is a packaging classic that is well-known to protect goods throughout transit and storage. While it is recyclable when disposed of correctly, it’s important to remember that bubble wrap is still a plastic, and even though plastic is not all bad it has gotten a bad reputation in the last few years.

Since the new Plastic Tax came into place this April, businesses are trying to reduce the amount of plastic they use as much as they can. If your business is looking to do the same, a great place to start is by switching to a paper packaging alternative.

In this article, we will explore the 4 reasons why you should switch your bubble wrap to honeycomb paper wrap instead.

1. Honeycomb Paper Wrap is the more sustainable option

Honeycomb Paper Wrap is a kraft paper-based, eco-friendly alternative which is made by joining individual bands of kraft paper together into a continuous loop of hexagonal cells. As it is made from renewable resources such as die-cut kraft paper, this means honeycomb paper wrap is 100% curbside recyclable and easy to dispose of.

While bubble wrap can also be 100% recyclable, the recycling process tends to be more complicated than just leaving all the bubble wrap in a recycling bin. Bubble wrap needs to be recycled at a local recycling facility instead of at home, so it requires a little more effort and research. This means that when it comes to recycling, honeycomb paper wrap is easier to deal with.

The design is even inspired by nature with it resembling the inside of a beehive. Due to its compact design it uses a lot less space compared to traditional bubble wrap which in turn not only saves cost in storage space but also decreases the carbon footprint needed for transport.

Additionally, Honeycomb Paper Wraps use significantly less paper in their construction process. Therefore, it’s a great invention that helps preserve our environment and save it from further sources of pollution.

2. Honeycomb Paper Wrap is lightweight but extremely strong

Although Honeycomb Paper Wrap is lightweight, this does not mean it has less strength. In fact, due to the way the cells interlock, Honeycomb Paper packaging provides superior strength and rigidity compared to other options on the market. It can be trusted to provide high levels of protection due to its ability to cushion and absorb shock, allowing for a reliable safe transit of goods.

Many businesses can take advantage of paper honeycomb packaging through significantly reducing the weight of their shipments and thus reducing freight costs, while still benefitting from the durability and protection it provides.

Additionally, Kraft paper is usually coated with PE film that results in it being humidity resistant, meaning that temperature changes will not affect its dimensions.

3. Honeycomb Paper Wrap is a cost-effective solution

As the honeycomb manufacturing process requires less materials compared to other packaging solutions, this means it is cheaper to produce and purchase. For example, our Honeycomb Paper Wrap can store up to 250m of paper wrap on a single roll, this means it requires less storage space than traditional bubble wrap.

Not only that, but due to the reduction in shipping and handling fees, combined with reduced storage space, companies often save more than once when choosing honeycomb paper packaging.

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4. Honeycomb Paper Wrap is quick and easy to use

 The lightweight and flexible Honeycomb Paper Wrap is quick and simple to use so that you can protect your products in just three simple steps for an efficient wrap each time.


                            1.                              2.                                  3.

  • Step 1: Pull the wrap apart and place the object on top of the Honeycomb Paper Wrap
  • Step 2: Stretch the wrap out so that the structure of the paper is vertical. Then wrap the object while maintaining the tension.
  • Step 3: Once finished wrapping, tear off the paper to disconnect from the roll. The wrap will hold its shape and protect your object from any external damage.

5. Honeycomb Paper Wrap has great flexibility

Due to the expandable honeycomb structure, honeycomb paper wrap showcases extreme flexibility and malleability. This means that even awkwardly shaped products can be neatly contained within a well-protected package. It also means that the size of the parcel is reduced slashing postal costs, it protects handles, irregular edges, and a wide range of other unique components.
Whether you are looking to wrap individual or larger items, Honeycomb Paper Wrap can perfectly mould around your products to ensure ultimate protection.

Honeycomb Paper Wrap from Swiftpak

Say goodbye to traditional bubble wrap and hello to Honeycomb Paper Wrap with Swiftpak. Our eco-friendly Honeycomb Paper Wrap is a great alternative to bubble wrap with no compromise on performance. It’s recyclable, extremely lightweight and flexible so it can store up to 250m of paper wrap on a single roll, and it is quick and simple to use.

To find out more about our Honeycomb Paper Wrap, visit our website for more information. Alternatively, contact our packaging experts today as they will be more than happy to help you make the switch.

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