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5 mistakes to avoid when designing your luxury packaging

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Whether you’re an online business or have products placed in retail stores, product packaging is a powerful marketing tool, and if badly designed, can have a negative impact on your brand and lead to a loss of sales and revenue. However, if designed well, packaging can help secure the interest of potential buyers, and place your brand above its competition.

Many brands will turn to luxury packaging (also known as presentational packaging) to set their products up for success. However, before the design process can begin there are a few important considerations to factor in to ensure the product stands out and leaves a lasting impression of refinement and style. Here at Swiftpak, we are experts in getting your product the attention it deserves through bespoke, luxury packaging. So as leaders in our field, we’ve compiled a helpful guide that brands can follow. Read on to explore the 5 mistakes to avoid when designing your luxury packaging.

Mistake 1: Using low-quality materials

Packaging isn’t just about product protection anymore; in recent years, consumer expectations have evolved and there is a greater demand for companies to make more conscious packaging decisions to ensure brand reputation isn’t damaged. This is particularly likely for luxury products, where consumers have higher quality expectations for the packaging (and product) due to the premium price paid. If you are advertising a ‘luxury’ product, it is expected to be packaged with the same intentions, especially considering the packaging is the first thing a customer will see. Flimsy packaging could deter customers from recommending your brand to others or making a repeat purchase.

Choosing the right material is especially important if your products are going to be sold online and shipped to customers. In fact, a study has found that 57 percent of consumers said they would avoid using a business again if they had a negative delivery experience such as the product arriving damaged. Although it is out of your control how the package is handled once it is in transit, damages can be easily avoided by choosing strong, high-quality packaging materials that will withstand impact, shock or tilting during transit.

Mistake 2: Focussing on aesthetics over functionality

When designing luxury packaging, it can be easy to fall into the trap of focussing solely on the visual appearance rather than the overall functionality. While visuals do play an important role in your design, the customer’s user experience should always come first. This means your packaging should be easy to use, easy to read, and serve its purpose efficiently. This can be achieved by making sure the design is easy to open and made from protective material that will ensure the package isn’t damaged in transit. Once these considerations have been designed for, then you can start to get creative with the appearance!

Mistake 3: Over complicating the design

When it comes to designing luxury packaging, less is always more. Product packaging should be bold enough to stand out against others, whilst providing clear information that will tell the customer what to expect from the product inside. If your design is cluttered or uses an overload of information, colours, and graphics, you will risk losing the attention of the customer or even deter them altogether.

Minimalist design is about prioritizing the essential. A simple design that displays a clear brand identity and lays out a few of the product’s key selling points, will prevent your customers from getting confused and will place their attention on what is really important.

luxury packaging

Mistake 4: Creating excess packaging and waste

Many brands make the mistake of packaging their products in casing that is far too big or is made from unsustainable materials. In the midst of the current climate crisis, consumers are especially concerned about sustainable packaging, and receiving packages that have excess waste or are made from non-recyclable materials can lead to them being put off from buying again. It is the responsibility of businesses to provide sustainable packaging alternatives wherever possible to contribute towards a better environment for the future. 

When possible, it is important to avoid excess packaging if it adds no functionality to the design – this will reduce the amount of waste being disposed of in landfills. Also make sure to use more sustainable materials that are:

  • Recyclable: Such as our honeycomb paper wrap, a recyclable alternative to bubble wrap
  • Compostable: Made from plant-based materials
  • Reusable: Can be used more than once and for different functions

These eco-friendly design considerations will not only help towards a greener future but will also help to build brand trust and reinforce your company values.

Mistake 5: Not displaying strong brand identity

When a customer receives a product, they should immediately be able to recognize the brand it has come from before opening the outer packaging. Unfortunately, the power of branded packaging often gets overlooked, with many forgetting the important role it plays in driving brand awareness. Luckily, there are plenty of ways your brand personality can be displayed through your packaging design. Here’s how:

  • Pick strong colours that are unique to your brand
  • Make sure your logo is clearly displayed
  • Include some personal details such as brand patterns, illustrations, or personalised stickers – this will add to the overall brand experience
  • Include brand fonts that are clear to read and recognizable

Adding brand specific design details to your luxury packaging will ensure the customer has a complete start to end unwrapping experience to enjoy, which they will hopefully remember and want to buy into again.

Enhance your brand with luxury packaging from Swiftpak

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