Swiftpak launches new Temperature Monitoring Labels

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To further support Swiftpak’s expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, Swiftpak offer a wide array of temperature monitoring products which are designed to reduce re-ship and replacement rates by up to 30-50%.

A recent study showed that over 30% of global pharmaceutical and life science deliveries are spoilt or damaged before reaching their final destination. Knowing the importance of protecting sensitive products for the pharmaceutical, medical and life science industries, Swiftpak launched Temperature Monitoring Labels so that they can be used throughout the supply chain to deter and detect damage to shipments.

What Temperature Monitoring Labels are available at Swiftpak?

The new range includes FreezeSafe, ColdMark, WarmMark, and FCP Descending Temperature Indicators that help identify if a shipment or package has been exposed to unacceptable temperature conditions during transit. 

With an increasing growth in the number of temperature-controlled healthcare products such as blood, medicine and vaccines being shipped, it was important to Swiftpak to ensure that pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories alike would be able to effectively monitor their shipments.

WarmMark label

How do Temperature-Monitoring Labels work?

The first aim of Temperature-Monitoring Labels is to ‘deter’. The knowledge that the cargo is actively being monitored deters any chance of bad handling behaviour by supply chain participants. Second aim is to ‘detect’ as the labels connected monitoring enables real-time damage detection, so costs are minimised. Finally, the last step of the temperature-monitoring system is to ‘diagnose’ as analytics are provided by shipment monitoring enabling the diagnosis and elimination of pain points within the supply chain.

For more information on Swiftpak’s temperature monitoring range, visit their products page today:

Swiftpak's new Temperature-Monitoring Label range

Swiftpak recognise the importance of protective packaging, so by launching a new range of temperature monitoring labels, Swiftpak aims to help their customers to reduce temperature breaches within the supply chain.

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