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Driving business innovation & growth through sustainability in packaging

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Introducing green products, lowering your carbon footprint, and minimising waste are all eco-friendly ways to help increase revenues as a business. Likewise, innovation has become a competitive necessity that enables growth in all areas of business.

But when you put sustainability and innovation together, this growth can be accelerated tenfold. In fact, sustainability should be seen as a touchstone for all innovation. Encompassing new products, strategies for maximum efficiency, and meeting consumer demands – all with sustainability at the forefront.

At Swiftpak, we realise the impact packaging has not only on our clients’ businesses, but the environment too. We use innovative and sustainable materials to offer packaging solutions that have a real impact and drive business growth in various ways. From reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging supplies, through to online tree planting schemes, and bespoke solutions.

In this article, we cover ways in which we bring the latest trends and sustainability together for a positive influence on business.

1. Green packaging solutions

As an environmentally responsible packaging supplier, we’re constantly searching for innovative ways that enable our customers to meet their environmental packaging goals.

By analysing existing solutions, designing packages that fit goods flawlessly, and utilising innovative materials, waste can be reduced, money saved on transport, and processes made as efficient as possible. But most importantly as a business, green packaging solutions have the power to attract and retain customers.

Utilising our new Vegan Thermal Liner, a recent customer in the food and drinks industry achieved a high-performing and sustainable insulated package. Made from 100% recycled materials and with no animal products used, a positive CO2 balance was reached to meet their sustainability goals. Check out the case study here for more information. Or contact us to arrange a consultation and become our next success story – we’d love to hear from you.

Our 30% recycled stretchwrap is another example of how we combine innovation and sustainability. Where meeting the 30% Plastic Tax threshold was once counterproductive due to wrap thickness issues, through innovation, we can proudly offer a solution.

MWrap utilises the latest technology in film production for a stronger yet thinner film. Featuring up to 400% stretch capability and 60% increased roll yield, combined with 30% recycled material, users can now benefit from a cost-saving solution that’s also safer for the environment.

2. Tree planting

When it comes to maximising sustainability in packaging, solutions go beyond the use of eco-friendly and innovative products.

If you want to get the most from your packaging, there are ways to incorporate other means of sustainability and make an even bigger impact. An impact beyond the use of sustainable and reusable materials.

For example, Swiftpak’s partnership with Ecologi allows you, and other businesses, to offset their paper packaging waste through the planting of trees. Here’s how it works.

When ordering through the Swiftpak website, products you’ve ordered will have a total waste figure attached and recorded inside your account. These numbers are then used to generate the total volume of paper waste created by your business over a set period.

These figures are then run through an automatic calculation, which highlights the number of trees required for planting in order to counteract your impact and reduce your carbon footprint.

From inside your account, you’ll have the option to purchase and plant your trees, grow your very own forest, and make a real impact on CO2 levels. We can even print a tree planting badge to your package, demonstrating that both you and your customers are supporting the environment.

Interested in getting started? Our tree planting page explains everything you need to know.

3. Bespoke packaging

Another effective way to introduce sustainability in packaging is through bespoke design. This involves utilising materials in a way that protect both the product and the environment, accomplished with a good understanding and experience in packaging design.

With an in-house R&D team that are passionate about brining new ideas and solutions to the table, we combine sustainability and innovative for solutions that enable business success.

Want to discover more on our bespoke packaging capabilities? Head over to our bespoke packaging page where you’ll find examples of products, brands we’ve helped, and learn about our bespoke packaging process.

Take advantage of innovation and sustainability in packaging

As a Certified B Corporation, we take pride in helping other businesses reduce their waste and implement eco-friendly, innovative packaging solutions without breaking the bank. Our packaging expertise, wide range of products, and in-house design team allow us to suggest the very best solution to suit your requirements.

If you’re looking to enhance your brand with sustainable and innovative packaging, contact us today. We’d love to be apart in helping your business grow.