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How can packaging in the food and drinks industry support your growth?

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With the food and drinks industry currently experiencing enormous growth in the market, you might not be thinking about packaging. However, packaging can increase your overall efficiency and even support the right growth.

For consumers, sustainable and easy to use packaging is becoming more essential, and with the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been an increasing demand for food and beverage products, especially for food and drinks delivery services. Therefore, it is vital now more than ever to get the right packaging supplies to support your businesses growth.

But what are they and how can they be used to further your success? Look no further, as here at Swiftpak we have all the answers when it comes to finding the right packaging solutions for you.

Packaging operations efficiency

Using the right products in your packaging operations can significantly improve efficiency. For example, our MWrap utilises the latest technology in film production providing a reinforced, stronger film with an exceptional holding force, that requires less time, and reduces the amount of plastic needed. Additionally, with up to 400% stretch capability and up to 70% waste, it provides durable, reliable, and easy wrapping for your pallets. If you are considering Machine Wrap versus Hand Wrap, see the comparison here. For MWrap versus traditional Machine Stretch Wrap, view the difference here.

Packaging design

Packaging design helps display a message to consumers about not only the content inside the package, but also the company itself and what it represents. It is even said a customer will make an impression within the first 7 seconds of seeing a product and the way it was packaged. This shows how important the packaging you use is and how it can help support your businesses growth, particularly within the food industry where brand loyalty ensures high sales.

Visual packaging design

Firstly, displaying company designs, logos and product information on cardboard is easily done due to cardboard being so easy to print on, this means it is a great way to stand out and make your packaging recognisable to your customers. After all, the way a product is presented can be what motivates a consumer to choose your brand over another. This shows how design can help build your brands personality and further support the right growth for your business.

Technical packaging design

It is equally important to consider the technicality of your packaging. With the right technical design, empty spaces can be avoided as the design fits snug around your products. This can free up valuable space in your warehouse, which you desperately need in times of growth – just ask the warehouse manager.

Another benefit is that less “air” is shipped, which directly affects an increase in efficiencies as you can get more products on a pallet which saves time and results in lower shipping costs. This is especially important with the substantial growth in e-commerce. Seeing online sales more than double versus last year in the grocery sector, shows bespoke packaging is a must.  

Additionally, with bespoke packaging being designed to fit snug around your product, you can feel assured that your item will be securely in place throughout transit; reducing the likeliness of damage and having to deal with any damage returns. A bespoke design will ensure products receive the protection they deserve. Therefore, keeping damaged goods to a minimum will mean more profits and happier customers.

E-Commerce and packaging

As mentioned, there has been an incredible spike in food and drinks home deliveries. Therefore, it is equally important to consider the right packaging for e-commerce. When your customers order their foods or drinks online, you want to make sure that customers receive the high-quality they expect. An unhappy customer will not come back to the same brand again, so it is important for any business within the food and drink industry to meet customer demands as quickly as possible.

Finding the right packaging solution for ecommerce, could be as simple as finding the right tape for your taping machines. Read here to discover how we helped one of the key food subscription companies.

Sustainable packaging

It is also equally important to stay on top of packaging trends in order to support your businesses growth. One of the mega trends in all industries including food and drinks is eco-friendly packaging. Showing that your business cares about the environment goes a long way in gaining further loyalty, trust and respect from your customers. We understand the importance of this and therefore have different packaging options you can turn to that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and suit your packaging operations.

Paper and cardboard

There is an increasing awareness among consumers over the negative effects of plastic packaging on health, and this has further fuelled an increased demand for eco-friendly products over the last few years.

For example, did you know it was recently discovered that plastic baby bottles shed an average of 4 million microplastic particles per litre when shaken? Evidence such as this is just one of the many reasons why consumers are becoming more wary of plastic. Therefore, paper and cardboard are a much safer option. As well as it being recyclable and eco-friendly.

Along with its exterior protection and sturdy design and versatility, there is no wonder paper and cardboard are the perfect solution for the transit and storage of food and drink products.

Are you looking to purchase sustainable products for your business? At Swiftpak, we stock bespoke products to help businesses across the UK meet their sustainability goals.

PLA packaging products

With the extremely low volume of carbon emissions produced, PLA packaging is becoming increasingly more popular by the minute as a thermal controlled packaging solution. If your company is looking for an eco-friendly approach to keep your products at the right temperature during transit, then look no further than PLA. Not only is PLA 100% biodegradable and made from renewable sources, they can also be utilized to fit any certain requirements you may have. 

PLA can be fully degraded into carbon dioxide and water through composting, meaning no toxins or harmful substances being produced and no pollution entering the environment. This is ensuring that your business is as environmentally friendly as it can be, which can in turn help support your business growth.

Are you interested in switching to PLA packaging? Here are some examples we suggest at Swiftpak:

  • Insulation Felt with film: Used to keep food products cool in transit, this felt’s flexibility allows for adjustment to fit with most carton sizes and is 100% biodegradable.
  • Insulation Zip Pouch: This pouch is not only 100% biodegradable, but it provides the maximum balance between performance, handling, cost and provides extra value for businesses with high production lines.
  • Insulation Pouch with flap: The strong, uniformed structure of PLA insulation pouches guarantees strong heat preservation, while preventing condensed water from escaping.

Whether you transport sensitive or perishable products, PLA could be the right solution for you. Find out more about our PLA packaging by contacting our sales team today:

Finally, if you are interested in additional information about these products or what packaging solutions can support your businesses growth, please contact our food and drink experts: Warrick or Rorke.