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Do you need to include plastic tax on invoices?

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Since April 2022, The Plastic Tax has been applied to packaging and manufacturing imports that contain less than 30% recycled content. For products that fall into this category, a £200 per metric tonne penalty will be charged to the accountable business. It’s a key part in the government’s latest environmental and sustainability plans.

For packaging with mixed components like cardboard and plastic, if the weight of the plastic constituent is higher than the other components, then the packaging falls within scope of the tax. We discuss more on the topic of plastic tax in our previous articles.

In this article, we will be exploring the need for plastic tax on invoices, and whether it’s a necessity for your business.

The Plastic Tax and invoices explained

So, do you need to include the plastic tax on invoices? Well, the requirement to include a statement with your invoice to show that the Plastic Packaging Tax has been paid was meant to start in April 2022, but it has since been delayed.

But if you are responsible for accounting for the tax, it is encouraged to make the Plastic Packaging Tax you have paid visible to your business customers. It’s also recommended to work with your business customers and try to increase the amount of recycled plastic they use wherever possible.

HMRC have stated that further information about the requirements will be published at a later date so that it will give businesses more time to prepare and make any required changes to their systems. In the meantime, HMRC are working with the industry to agree on an effective and practical requirement.

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The delay is likely due to considerable concern amongst many businesses about the amount of PPT paid could be shown on invoices, as accounting processes and systems are adapted for the new tax. However, despite the delay, businesses should be aware that the requirement is still intended to be introduced in the near future with the aim of transforming the use of plastic packaging materials moving forward.

Swiftpak and the Plastic Tax

At Swiftpak, we are always here to help when you need it, particularly if you need to find packaging solutions to be in-line with the Plastic Packaging Tax.

To help businesses prepare for the plastic tax and answer all of your questions, we held regular webinars alongside environmental consultancy, Comply Direct. If you missed them, a replay of our last webinar can be watched via our website.

Feel free to contact us today if you are needing help through the Plastic Packaging Tax and we will provide advice and alternatives your business can be using.